Lancaster long ago?

Lancaster farm old style

Not really, but on picnik.com, a nice user-friendly site that allows you to edit photos, I came up with this old-timey rendition of a shot I took last year of a Lancaster County farm.  I kind of like it.  Or, maybe I don’t.  Still trying to decide.

I usually don’t like to spend a lot of time touching up photos, but there are some pretty neat effects on the site, and I was in a bit of a non-writing mood today…More words to come tomorrow (and actually, we’ll have a guest post from a Lancaster local, so maybe this shot is an appropriate preview after all).

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  1. I just discovered Picnik not too long ago and I haven’t played around with it too much, but I loved all the things you could do with it so I couldn’t resist. That picture above is really neat looking – great job!! Hope you’re having a good week, Erik ~

  2. Thanks all, glad you liked the photo! And Laurie I appreciate the interest in the book, and it’s nice you’ve had a chance to visit Lancaster. A great place.

  3. I remember going to Lancaster, PA for the first time in 1972..it was beautiful. I’m excited to read your book. I have an Amish penpal that I regular correspond with and have visited her a couple of years ago! What wonderful people!

  4. I think Picnik is a great photo editing site. And I like your experiment.