Lancaster Buggy At Sunset (Drone Video)

Following the peach harvest video, here’s another from the 717 Drone Guys. I have expressed mixed feelings about drones in the past, but I have to say this outfit makes some really nice clips.

In this one they necessarily get the drone up a lot higher in the air. We follow a buggy down the road a little while as the sun goes down. The view soars over some Amish farms, and at one we even see a group playing volleyball.

A nice tune accompanies the golden images. Enjoy.

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    1. rochelle worden


      video in Sugar Grove PA a thunder storm came thru right after this

    2. Beth


      Isn’t this a hazard to the driver, any passengers, & horse? I would think the horse would get startled from the sound & sight of the drone. Too many English people think it is perfectly fine to startle a horse. There are WAY TOO MANY accidents that involve automobiles. Now, we add in drones to create more accidents.