Karen Johnson-Weiner on Amish Wisdom radio today

I’ll be filling in for Suzanne Woods Fisher on the Amish Wisdom program again today.  Very much looking forward to speaking with my guest, Karen Johnson-Weiner.

Karen is professor of anthropology at SUNY-Potsdam, and author of numerous books and publications on the Amish including Train Up a Child: Old Order Amish and Mennonite Schools, and the newly-released New York Amish: Plain Communities in the Empire State.

Buggy garage

Tune in here (no longer available) at 5pm ET today to listen in.  Also, here is a 3-part Q-and-A with Karen from last year:

Part 1: New York Amish

Part 2: Swartzentruber Amish

Part 3: Amish schools

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    1. Emma

      I hope it goes well, Erik!! I’ll be in Pennsylvania this weekend, but I’ll be sure and catch it next week!
      God bless!!!!

    2. Why thank you Emma! I’m sure it will be a good show. Have a safe trip!

    3. e.g. hines

      i do wonder if the disection of the amish and their way of life is fair the amish who no doubt are going through a transition where they are turning to more modern ways and are leaving the old ways behind. i grew up near a lage old order amish community in indiana and i know they are disheartened by those that stray from the ways that their beliefs are taught.you seem to do them a disservice when you portray them as business owners. we would all do better if we returned to the old ways. i mean no disrespect to you.

    4. Amish occupational changes

      Hi e.g., appreciate the comment and I can understand your appreciation for old ways. I’m not sure how to portray Amish other than I do on this site, ie as farmers, factory workers, and (with a growing tally of thousands of Amish-owned businesses) business owners as well, among the many other roles Amish people take on.

      Amish are concerned with the speed of change though it is something that will affect them whether they face it head on or otherwise. I think books like An Amish Paradox can even be useful for the Amish in laying out some of the issues Amish will have to face one way or another (technology, changing occupations, youth issues, etc).

    5. Bill

      I see the “New York Amish” book is available on the internet. Any idea when it will be avaiable in bookstores?

    6. Just heard the interview–great job, Erik! Karen is a very articulate, interesting guest!

    7. Many thanks! My book, New York Amish. Life in the Plain Communities of the Empire State, is now available. If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, you can order it from Cornell University Press. I believe it is also available from Amazon.com or from Borders.

    8. Michelle

      Great show Erik ! The questions that you asked on the topic of education and teaching methods were quite intriguing. Just wondering … Are you thinking of becoming an Amish school teacher ??? hmm 😉

    9. Thanks Michelle! No plans to do so, I was actually asked once but didn’t work out. I think it’s a pretty challenging job, though discipline problems are probably a lot milder than your average school.


      Do you know where I can find out how many Amish live in Steuben County, NY? Which “branch” of Amish would they be attached to?
      Thank you,

    11. Amish in Steuben County, New York

      Elizabeth, you’ve got 3 communties in Steuben Co NY. They are near Prattsburgh, Woodhull/Jasper, and Addison. It’s not uncommon to find unrelated Amish groups in one county. PA and Wisconsin are other states where you find the same.

      I am not sure of their affiliations, but the Woodhull/Jasper community is by far the largest, with 800-1000 Amish. The other two are quite small.

      Here is the state guide for New York, with further info on Amish in NY: https://amishamerica.com/new-york-amish/

    12. emmon

      Ex Amish

      I am and examish from Iowa and I found your blog interresting. Thanks and good luck

    13. Hi Emmon, appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by the blog and hope you will again soon.