JAPAS Spring 2017 Issue Now Available

The theme of the latest edition of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies is the field of Amish Studies itself.

Articles in the latest edition critique the field and previous works, with the main entry being “Seventy-Five Years of Amish Studies, 1942 to 2017: A Critical Review of Scholarship Trends.”

I haven’t delved much into this latest edition, but those who have, your comments are welcome.

JAPAS is a free online journal published twice yearly.

Find the latest issue in full here and all previous issues here.

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    1. Don Burke

      JAPAS Listings of Amish Settlements?

      Eric, I have bookmarked a 2013 (I think) edition of JAPAS that gives the then-current listing of Amish communities. Now four years later some of the info. is a bit dated at times. Do you happen to know a newer listing has been published or is expected to be?


      1. Hi Don, I don’t believe so. When David Luthy was doing the settlement listings solo for Family Life, he was typically updating it every five years. If JAPAS keeps the same pattern, that means we should expect another by next year, which would be nice 🙂

    2. Al in Ky

      Thanks for posting this. I always enjoy reading JAPAS online and am glad you post on Amish America when a new issue is released.