JAPAS Spring 2016 Issue Now Available

The latest edition of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies was recently released. It can be viewed in full here.

japas-logoThis open source journal features academic articles on the Amish, Old Order Mennonites and other Plain Anabaptist groups, and also contains regular book reviews. This is the seventh issue since the journal debuted in 2013.

All previous issues can be found here and are available online for free. You can also read an interview with one of the founders, Cory Anderson, here.

Articles in the latest issue cover an attempt by Amish to settle Honduras in the 1960s and 1970s, two Hutterite topics (a comparison of colony layout and housing in different Hutterite groups, and the role of the teacher-principal in Hutterite schools), a defense lawyer’s view of the Amish beard-cutting case, and several book reviews, including of a revised 3rd edition of A History of the Amish by Steven Nolt.

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    1. Al in KY

      Thanks for sharing this. I will enjoy reading the articles. I have missed reading the JAPAS. Has it been awhile since one was published?

      1. I am guessing it has Al, since this is the Spring 2016 issue and we are in late summer. Though I believe I missed the Autumn 2015 issue coming out (at least did not post about it here at that time) so don’t know the exact date for that one.

        There’s always something interesting in these publications, sometimes on an obscure topic, sometimes less so. For example from the previous issue there is this article by Donnermeyer and Anderson: “A Mid-Decade Update on Amish Settlement Growth”.