Have a question on Amish culture, beliefs, or other topic? The new Amish FAQ resource will give you concise answers to over 300 of them (323 to be precise). You may have already noticed the link in the main menu, where it’s been up for the past week.

question-mark-blueI mentioned back in December that I was working on this new resource covering frequently-asked questions on the Amish.

I expected to be done sooner, but the project grew as I went along and more questions shouted out to be included.

Questions include:

You’ll find all questions listed on the FAQ main page. Click the question link to go right to the answer.

These aren’t exhaustive answers, but I try to address the meat of each topic in 3-5 sentences or fewer. Answers are based on a number of sources including both Amish and academic writings.

If there’s a general topics you’re interested in, answers are also organized on 41 category pages. Here are some sample categories:

You’ll find resources at the end of each category for further reading. If you can’t find your question, you can suggest it here or on the main FAQ page.

I hope this resource is helpful if you have a general question on the Amish. If you find it useful, feel free to share it with others. And thanks, as always, for reading!

Image credit: Lancaster Amish boy on rollerblades: ShipshewanaIndiana

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