Inside A Rustic Colorado Amish Home (14 Photos)

This is the second Colorado Amish home we’ve seen here. In June we looked at a home in Westcliffe in Custer County, set against some stunning mountain views. This home is located in a different community in the state – Manassa in Conejos County, over a two-hour drive away. Both are within in the vicinity of the San Luis Valley, an area roughly the size of Connecticut in the southern end of the state (Manassa in the valley; Westcliffe just over a bordering mountain range). The region has steadily drawn Amish settlers since the early 2000s.

You can see this home is a bit simpler, and the views are not as dramatic. The listing informs us that the home has already been wired for electricity.

Washer out on the back patio area. That grill and log porch swing are nice to have.

Kitchen showing log ceiling beams.

This home has a cozy feel and though it has a rustic motif it certainly has plenty of traditional “Amish” touches.

I like the look of this stove and stonework together.



I’m not a fan of the leather or leather-imitation couch, and I’ve had the impression Amish generally aren’t either. Not so often seen in Amish homes. It looks like this home is unfinished in some spots.

A utility or pantry area.

This photo of what looks like some sort of a greenhouse(?) is most of interest for the background views. You get a sense of the vast flat open area.

Garage building. Looks like a firepit and some simple bench seats in the foreground.

Buggy inside the garage. Also a table saw and ongoing furniture project.

Workshop area of the same building. Note the large safe.

Chicken coop.

This home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and is 1,475 square feet in size. It was last listed in 2019 at $137,000, but is currently off the market.

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    1. Guest

      Love it, has a log cabin feel to it, but the ceilings seem a bit low for taller friend’s comfort.

    2. Robert

      Very nice home

      The ceilings don’t look too low to me. How tall are your friends ?

      1. Guest

        You’re right, I shouldn’t blame friends, I like cathedral ceilings.

    3. A Pseudonym

      Right State...Wrong Valley

      Conejos County: San Luis Valley.
      Custer County (Westcliffe): Wet Mountain Valley. They are across some big ol’ hills from each other.

      1. Corrected, thanks for the catch.

        Valley map pdf: