Inside A Plain & Pleasant Michigan Amish Home (29 Photos)

Really nice photos in this Amish home listing. This one is located in Gladwin County, Michigan, and actually just sold. Reader Seth Elmore who sends this in notes that this community is similar to Kenton, Ohio, which would make it one of the more conservative. This happened to be his uncle’s home (Seth has Amish roots).

The description via

Like New-built in 2018, beautiful farmhouse features bright white siding with a tin roof. Enjoy your days from this rocking chair front porch. Located on 20 acres in Butman township. Two barns: Large barn that is perfect for horses and cows. Plus a separate workshop. Expansive farmhouse, is approx. 3, 888 sq. ft. plus a full unfinished basement. Gorgeous Cherry hardwood floors. Open large kitchen with breakfast room. Private bedroom on main level. Second floor features 3 bedrooms. Separate office. 31 x 19 playroom/bonus rm. Well on property.

There are four bedrooms listed and zero bathrooms. Have a look at some photos.

Entering the kitchen.

I really like this shot. Whoever took these has an eye for photography.

This room feels very long. Lots of space for family gatherings though not a lot of seats currently in the room.


Pantry and coolers where this family probably keeps things that need to be frozen or low-temp. Unlike many other Amish homes, there wouldn’t be any sort of natural gas or propane refrigeration in this home.

Now the bedrooms. Downstairs bedroom, which would be the parents’ room.

Upstairs, the flooring in the bedrooms is pretty much all unfinished. Or, perhaps this is considered “finished” in this Amish group.

Also an unfinished upstairs area where they’ve got a sleeping spot for someone.

Another unfinished space with a bed tucked away behind a desk.

View out the window.

A closer look at that barn you see.

What’s that smaller unpainted structure?

As I mentioned this place has been sold already. The price?

The property went for $240,000. It was represented on the seller’s side by Karen L Dull of Sugar Springs Real Estate and by Melanie Levasseur of Re/Max River Haven on the buyer’s side. I’m assuming one of them took the photos here. Great shots of a very nice property.

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    1. Janet B


      What a beautiful home on beautiful land!

    2. Kevin Lindsey

      As a Michigander I was intrigued by this post. We have been to Gladwin many times. I think this is a beautiful farmhouse. I also really like the pictures. I agree that they had a good eye and a good subject. Thanks!

      1. Seth shared another from this same area that I’m planning to put up soon.

    3. David Stear

      Spacious rooms yet sparsely furnished

      I wonder if the large rooms with only a few furnishings actually serve as the space needed for church, especially the one with the wood burning stove. If so, where are the benches/chairs for church kept? It seems to me I read something where the church furnishings travel from house to house, if so, who is responsible for keeping track of who has church in their house on a given Sunday and delivering the seating there?

      1. Jerry T Lamie

        Church benches

        In areas near me, the benches are stored on a special wagon that stays at the home that just had church for one week and then it’s taken to the next house the week before church. Every bench has a special spot on the wagon. Most benches combine to make tables for the meal. Benches are also carted to auctions and often church is held on Sunday after a Saturday auction at the same home.

      2. Yes you can see a photo of the church wagon Jerry is talking about here, second photo down:

        There are more on the site if you search using the box at top. They do use the larger spaces in their homes sometimes for church – could be a basement or main level room if large enough.

    4. Jerry

      Unpainted structure

      The red barn looks like a work shop/carriage/buggy shed. Thus the sliding door. Probably a buggy, market wagon and a cart are stored there. I think the unpainted structure is a harness shed. I’ve seen these mostly in Nebraska orders in the Barrville/Belleville area. Not only harness but everything needed for a driving horse.

    5. Jeremiah

      To where did the family relocate?

      Gladwin was started in 1979 and has a lot of similarities with Kenton because that’s where the original families come from. But they’re not in full fellowship because they have pressure lanterns and the men ride in vehicles to go to construction jobs.

      Gladwin expanded to three districts not too long ago but went back to two. I didn’t hear if they ordained a third bishop. If not then Eli Beechy is probably still the bishop in the North district.

      1. I asked Seth if he is able to share. Thanks for the additional details there re: Kenton

        1. Jeremiah


          Thanks for that, Eric. I look forward to the additional post from “north Gladwin.”

          1. Sure and here’s the bit that Seth shared with me on his uncle – the new community is Hale, MI, where he says a number of Gladwin area families have been moving the past few years. Apparently the Ordnung there is a bit less strict.

            1. Jeremiah


              Thanks for that. Yes, I now remember hearing about Hale. I think they wanted loaders, if I remember correctly. And they probably advanced in other ways. I heard that Eli Beechy wanted to move there as the leader but some folks didn’t want that, and that might have slowed the movement that direction. It’s interesting that there’s Kenton, then north Gladwin a step up, then Hale another step up. Loads of variety, and lots of shades in between.

      2. Seth Elmore

        Gladwin actually has 4 districts now (NW, NE, SW, SE). Eli Beechy is the bishop of the NW district, and he happens to be my great-uncle. The other districts’ bishops are as follows:

        NE: Elmer Frey
        SW: Ervin Weaver
        SE: Levi Weaver

        The Weavers are brothers.

        1. Jeremiah

          Wow, how things have changed since I was there last time. I was surprised when they allowed battery lights in shops. I remember seeing Levi Weaver’s boys in the harness shop working under Makita battery lights. I was wondering if kerosene lanterns on the buggies would also faze out since brighter lighting on the road is more important than lighting in the shop, I would think.

          Have many families moved into the community in the past five years? I know they went through a lot with the two Beechy cases.

          1. Lance

            They have adopted battery lights on the buggies recently and lost even the partial fellowship they had with some of the Kenton circle

            1. Jeremiah

              Battery lights or blinkers?

              Did Gladwin adopt battery lights in place of kerosene lanterns or did they add blinkers ti the lighting system like the Fultonville/Glen NY settlement did? See pic #21 in the following ad:


              By the way, there are now probably a total of ten properties for sale in this community with very nice and detailed pictures.

    6. Tebeth

      from Gladwin

      I was trying to mentally locate this Amish homestead. Sadly, we lost the Realtor & neighbor since this listing went up.

    7. Nanabridge

      Phone shed

      Is the small unpainted structure perhaps a phone shed? Also, I have noticed beds tucked away in a corner in the living rooms of several of these more conservative homes. Could that be a way to have some softer seating since upholstered pieces are not allowed?

    8. Claudette Haney

      electric stove?

      In one of the photos, I noticed an electric stove…really?