Inside A Minnesota Amish Home & Store (17 Photos)

So here we have an Amish home-and-store package way up in northern Minnesota. They’re selling both buildings together. I doubt they’re leaving behind the contents of the store. But we can still take a look at what’s inside both the home and store in these photos.

The home

There are a cluster of Amish communities in the the top half of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. This one would be in the area of Lengby. That’s a village (officially it seems they call it a city, but the population is…90).  All in all this is a pretty remote and sparsely-populated area. And the Amish community is just a single church district in size, founded 2012.

The store

The brief description:

Do you want a spacious retail/workshop building with a 4-bedroom home and outbuildings? Do you want a 1,568 square foot 4 bedroom home on 10 acres with a finished shop, barn, and pasture land? Either way, this Amish-built/renovated property conveniently located along a paved county highway, meets your desires!

First a look inside the home. Right off the bat we can see this family probably has some connection to the next-door-neighbor state. Do you see what I mean?

In Amish homes children help with the dishes. And that would include boys in homes where there are mostly or only boys. Mom can always use a hand.

This appears to be a manufactured home with a simple layout. A big open main room with kitchen would suit an Amish family well.

Blackboard (greenboard?) and propane lights.

This shot gives you a view of the fridge. Propane refrigerators, which are common among Amish, often resemble the freezer-on-top wide-door design of a generation or two ago.

A look at the bedrooms. Great quilt.

I imagine this area is good for hunting. Is that a quiver on the left?

And you can see by the property layout that they do have a lot of wooded land.

Now let’s have a look inside the shop.

It appears they are running a dry goods and foods shop inside this space.

Those look like ovens on the right.

And the back of the store. You can notice the very simple yet durable construction here. Looks like the same metal material was used both on the inside and out.

Buggy parking. A closed storm front is a nice thing to have in an area where winter temps can get down below zero.

So as for the cost, once again here it’s 10 acres with a simple four-bedroom home (includes a bathroom so unlike some Amish homes, won’t need to install that) and a sizeable shop building. This area is pretty out of the way, so of course that affects the price.

This property is on the market for just $119,000. The agent is Carol Sollie of Sollie Realty.

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    1. Rod

      Cold is good!

      There are places in Alaska that are warmer than this. If you don’t like the cold, maybe the darkness will make up for it! Surrounded by lakes, this property is prime for mosquitoes and mold. But don’t let any of that stop you from moving there. Bring the whole family and become 10% of the local ovulation. If you like peace and quiet, with essentially nothing to do, this would be a great place to hibernate.

    2. K. D.

      Home in Northern Minnesota

      Wow! That’s a great price for a home AND store. Lived in
      Minnesota the first 23 yrs of my life and never heard of
      Lengby. Wonder what county it’s in? I couldn’t sleep in the
      bed in the second bedroom. Or if I did, I’d wake up feeling
      like a pretzel. Would probably need a good chiropractor.
      Lol. Thanks, Erik for featuring a Minnesota Amish home.
      They rarely go up for sale. With just one church district, I
      sure hope they don’t plan to abandon the settlement. If
      you want to do a story on Mennonites, there’s a decent sized
      population around the city of Litchfield in Western MN. I’d love
      to read about that. Maybe someday your travels will take
      you there? And then there are the Swartzentrubers near the
      town of Harmony, in Southeastern MN. Just an idea.


      1. Sure thing KD, glad you liked it. So Lengby is in Polk County but the community is listed as being in next-door Mahnomen County (Lengby is near the border). So this is just one church district but it looks like it’s full-sized (well over 100 people) based on the latest list:

        So that one should be there for awhile.

        Would love to visit MN and some of those communities. I’d also like to visit the one at Fertile as we have had some posts related to that one over the years.

    3. George

      Great prize

      Great prize for a lucky buyer. Eric, you find the best farms for sale at affordable prizes. One bedroom has some mold, and I did not see any room heaters. The kitchen and living room are a nice large size.

      1. Glad you enjoy these George. A lot of these places do seem to be affordable. I think the cost comes in when bringing them up to “English” standards. However some buyers might prefer the more austere setup so might be a perfect fit for someone.

        1. Gorge

          Great prize

          Your right Eric, living-off-the-grid is a challenge few Englishers embrace. And renovating to Englisher’s comforts could become very expensive. I’m not interested in buying a farm for myself, yet think it is very interesting that such affordable properties are available for the Amish.

    4. House

      Beautiful interior and best architecture.

    5. Guy in Ohio

      According to the settlements book this community had 17 families in 2021, all came from the Kingston Wisconsin settlement.