Inside a Cozy Country Amish “Getaway” Home (24 Photos)

This Amish home is in the Crab Orchard, Kentucky community. One with more progressive notes but very cozy inside. Let’s have a look.

Living room. Rustic cabin feel.

That’s a serious-looking safe. Another thing I notice here is the hickory rocker. It’s something you’ll see in both plain and more materially-progressive homes. The plainer homes won’t have the stuffed furniture and recliners like this one though.

Kitchen with a digital clock over the sink.

This looks like some sort of battery light in the ceiling fixture.

This home doesn’t feel huge but it does have a homey feel to it. It’s just 1,156 square feet.

Roll-top desk always adds a nice touch.

Pantry with an opening for an electric light in the ceiling.

The description via Zillow:

Weekend get-a-way about a mile from Cedar Creek Lake. Amish built home – built to last. Plenty of room to store all of the big boy toys in the barn/garage plus room for the horses on the other end of the barn. Cozy 2 bedroom home with open kitchen/living room.

16 acres total with a small creek across the back of the property. Plenty of woods for trails and open fields for the horses or cattle. Home is wired for electricity but it has not been used; the owner used propane gas appliances and wood burning stove.

They are promoting this property as a “weekend get-a-way” I guess on a part of its small size.



Wash room.

That’s a Crystal Cold brand refrigerator or freezer. They make propane and natural gas refrigerators popular with Amish.

Back outside.

Backyard view with what looks like a little herb garden.

Boating and fishing are popular with many Amish. We can assume lakes or ponds are within buggying distance of this place.

This property sits on 16 acres. I’d imagine this Amish family has maybe started to outgrow it. Seems like a really nice little spot. What is the price?

This property is not available at a cost of $245,000. It’s listed by Ken Snyder of Ken Snyder Realty.

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    1. Guy in Ohio

      You need special equipment to move a safe like that! Whoever was living here must be an avid outdoorsman, probably with a sizable gun collection.

    2. Lydia Good

      Love this house

      This is a very charming Amish home. Lots of unnecessary items hanging on the wall, besides calendars. It’s very homey and comfortable looking. Love the extra touches like the candle in the bathroom, vase of flowers on the kitchen table. Live well, laugh often, love much on the dresser mirror and the sunflowers in the bedroom. This looks like a happy place. And it’s wired for electricity. I’ll bet it won’t be on the market long.

      1. Central Virginian

        Wall Decor

        In our part of the country realtors often add (or remove) pictures on the walls, other decor and even furniture, using PhotoShop or a similar program. They also will bring actual decor, furniture, etc to houses to stage the photos. What is seen in the listing photos may not belong to the current homeowners and may not even be real if it’s been Photoshopped in.

    3. BH

      Moving the boat

      I noticed the boat is on a trailer. Do you think they would hitch it to the buggy or hire someone with a truck to pull it?

      1. Central Virginian

        Current Homewoners

        They may even own a truck if they are progressive. Although the house is described as Amish built, the current owners may not even be Amish, although they aren’t connected to the power grid.

    4. Hi from Texas

      Spanking paddle

      There is a spanking paddle displayed on the right room dividing post. I was wondering if the Amish are exempt from the English spanking laws. Otherwise, it’s a very cozy home and the land has much potential for veggie gardens, farm animals, and farming. If the family has outgrown their house, why not have a “barn raising gathering” for an additional bedroom? Just a thought.

    5. Not Amish

      Amish mixed with English

      I’m sorry to say that this home doesn’t look Amish to me. One of the bed looks carelessly made and one of the bedroom has an electric lamp. There is also an electric lamp above the kitchen sink and the pantry looks overfilled with things without any prepared canning although these might be in the white cabinet. The laundry room floor looks dirty even with three black bonnets and a man’s hat. The overly large barn has concrete flooring and don’t go near that safe without a bomb squad. Would Amish really store their money or hunting rifles in that? They did not bother securing their bow and arrows. What would their bishop say when it is this family’s turn to have church at their home? While they have many cute and pretty things and the barn is surly a man’s pride, I think this family mixes Amish with English and this might be the reason they want to sell.

    6. Jeffrey C Masters


      I have been in several of the Amish homes in Crab Orchard Ky. We have, and had many many friends there. It made me think of the number of Amish homes I have wired for electricity over the years. Mainly for Amish friends who weren’t sure if this was their last home or not. The Amish as a whole, and certainly the friends we have tend to move more than I would say a comparable English family would move in a lifetime. Thank you for the post. It reminded me that I need to visit some friends and pick up some fresh produce!!

      1. Great comment Jeffrey! Glad if it reminded you. I have always loved the place name though I haven’t had the chance to visit there yet.

        When you wire their homes, is it typically during a new build, or more as a remodel/addition?