Inside A Very Small (768 ft2) Amish Home (17 Photos)

Today a closer look at another of the seven Amish homes for sale in Fleming County, Kentucky. This little Amish starter is by far the smallest of the bunch, at just two bedrooms and 768 square feet. It actually looks more like a small shop from this angle which I shared in the original post.

Here’s a different angle that gives you a better look at this home’s design. A nice little back balcony over the entrance to the basement.

And a side view.

Looking inside, we don’t have so many photos compared to other homes, which only makes sense. This place looks like it has maybe 3 or 4 rooms total, including the bedrooms and kitchen.

Going by appearance and size, this is probably a young couple’s home. What appears to be a scrawled-upon chalkboard in the photo below supports that idea. There is probably at least one little one running around this place.

You can see space is tight here. The bed takes up practically the whole bedroom.

Nice little collection of plants. Is that aloe I see? A strip of orange-colored fly tape hangs from the ceiling, not uncommon in Amish homes.

And a quilt in frame takes up basically the whole kitchen.

You can see the flat counter areas where food is prepared, and a pleasant array of kitchenware.

Did you notice this little sink? The listing tells us that this home has “county water and septic system installed.” No bathroom in this place though, like others in this community.

The second bedroom. Not the clearest photo.

Here’s what appears to be the basement space. It seems to just be accessible from outside, as I don’t see any stairs inside the home.

Back outside, a simple horse barn. And a junior-sized swing.

Back view of the property?

This view downhill seems to show a garden area, waiting to be planted.

Coming down the lane.

It’s small, but I like the layout of this home and property (of course, ignoring the lack of a bathroom, as is the standard in this plain settlement).

It has been listed for 80 days. The home sits on a three-acre lot. What would you guess the price to be?

According to the listing, the sellers would like $52,500. Not bad for a little Amish starter home.

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    1. Alice Mary

      Sorry, but...

      The size of the house would be fine for 1 or 2, but I would probably need to LIVE in the outhouse, at my age! I’m assuming there are no real bathing/shower facilities, either?

      Alice Mary

      1. I don’t think so, at least not the type we English are used to. That would be the biggest deal-breaker for me:)

        1. Angela

          Since no bathroom is shown. Im guessing theres an outhouse but where would they actually bathe at?

    2. Garry Chaney

      Small house

      The owner of this house is a 62 year old, never married lady. She occasionally babysits. The house next door is also for sale because the owner bought a more secluded and better farm about 2 miles away. It is currently rented by a young couple.

      1. Update

        The couple wanted to buy the property next door, but the owner just sold to some English from Colorado. The couple just had a new baby yesterday, a little boy.

    3. Geo

      Work space

      I like the idea of the metal surfaced counter space with raised sides. Looks like a handy place to knead bread or do whatever messy task is at hand. Easy to keep stuff off the floor and easy cleanup. Makes me want a counter space like that in my kitch.

    4. Arkansas Billy Bob

      Our house originally had two bedrooms and an area for a wood stove

      Our house originally had two small bedrooms and an area for a wood stove. It was tiny. We now have indoor plumbing. Our current deck has more square footage than the original house.

      Our workshop buildings dwarf the old house…

    5. Brother Jeremy



      Have followed your website for a few years. Please inform me as to how to access
      these pictures on the computer. Up to several weeks ago it was simple. Now with
      this new picture format, no pictures come through. Perhaps it is something very
      small which this writer is missing in trying to view the recent pictures. Thank you.
      Still a computer novice,
      Br. Jeremy

      1. Geo


        Brother Jeremy, try a different browser. I notice these pictures are blocked on one browser and show up fine on another.

        1. Sorry to hear they are still not appearing for you Brother Jeremy. Were you able to see the photos on the other post where you mentioned this issue to me before? (this one:

          There was a setting that was switched off on that post that I thought might have created the issue. But I fixed that, and it is also correctly set for this post as well.

          If the issue persists:

          1. So what Geo suggests of trying a different browser is what I would recommend too. If you are using Internet Explorer for instance, you might try Firefox or Chrome.

          2. Another thing might be to update the browser you are using, if it hasn’t been updated in awhile.

          3. Other things that might help are just a simple page refresh (sometimes images might not load if the internet connection happens to be slow at that moment).

          I hope one of those works as it’s likely one of those three things that is creating the issue based on past experience. If that doesn’t help please let me know.

    6. Glenda johnstone


      I am always wondering why not bathrooms in certain amish homes. I can see the off grid component of amish living, but why not a bathroom just for hygiene purposes?

      1. Amish lifestyle choices are not really driven by “off the grid” environmental or self-sufficiency motivations that typically lead non-Amish people to find off the grid lifestyles appealing. It’s more about restraining the pace of change and restraining technologies which Amish see as negatively affecting their churches and communities (obvious ones like violence and sex via TV but less obvious ones as well like steel wheels on vehicles). There are other factors involved too – some groups are by disposition or tradition more resistant to change, seeing “giving in” on certain conveniences as a slippery slope kind of threat. So this group is one that is among the more conservative and has draw a line that leaves out indoor bathrooms/plumbing. It also can even comprise an Amish identity in opposition to other Amish – ie, we don’t permit the same conveniences as those more dangerously progressive “modern” Amish do.

    7. Missy

      On Monday it will be ours!

      Erik, we saw your piece in the 7 houses in this community and fell in love with this one. Contacted the realtor on the 22nd. We close on Monday morning. She asked for some time to get moved, so we don’t get immediate posession. Then time to add plumbing, electric and hvac. By the way, it has a septic, sort of. 100 gallons! Replacing that as well. This house has the two bedrooms, the one 8×8 the other 8×17. It also has a nice pantry, and a another room she used as storage of about 8×7 which will be my sewing room. It is accessed either through the smaller bedroom, or through a doorway in the back porch. The enclosed porch in the left in the photo will become the bathroom, big enough to hold the washer and dryer. Thank you for posting about this house!

      1. Wenddie

        How's it going?

        Hi Missy, how are you liking your new home? Please share pictures if you can.

        1. Missy

          Still not unpacked

          We are still not unpacked, stuff everywhere, or I would. Maybe when we get everything put away.

    8. B. Heil

      Outhouse Photo

      I’d be interested in seeing the outhouse if there’s a photo. Thank you for the pictures. What a nice home.

      1. Missy

        No more outhouse

        The room yo see on the left was her woodshed/outhouse. We converted it into our bathroom/laundry room.

    9. Missy

      Sad to leave but it's now for sale again

      Sadly we have decided to move back to Ohio closer to our church brethren. That at my husbands allergies have been out of control since Spring started. Also realized as much as we love our 3 acres, it is too much work for us at our ages. So our little Amish home is for sale again. We are listing it at $98,000. It is actually about 1034 sq ft, not the 768 in the listing, and has new 1000 gallon septic, plumbing, electricity, heat pump furnace and a/c. Eric, how can I send you photos? The realtor is Meridith Story at Story Realty in Flemingsburg KY (606) 748-7201 or
      As of today (Saturday) he doesn’t have the listing up at their website yet, but check for it.

      1. Hi Missy, thanks for letting us know, and would be glad if you sent along any photos to my email address at ewesner[at]gmail[dot]com

        1. Missy

          Photos sent

          Listing is up at Story realty with additional photos.

    10. Missy

      It's already sold!

      We had three offers quickly on the home, and it is now under contract. While the realtor was in our home presenting the offers he got two calls on his cell asking about the house! So even should this fall through there will be others.