A farmer works in the fields in the Arthur Illinois Amish community.  Courtesy of Walter Blackledge.

I spoke with Abe in Lancaster County today.  He is doing what many farmers are right now–planting. In his case, eggplants and Romaine lettuce. And tomatoes of course. As we’ve discussed in the past, intensive produce farming has become a good alternative for Amish in areas where land is expensive.

Farming is still seen among Amish in Illinois, but not to the same degree as was once the case. Small business has become a popular way of making a living in Arthur and other Illinois Amish communities.

Amish at Arthur run a variety of shops (dry goods, repair, machine) as well as doing construction and carpentry work. The busiest and most prominent industry in the Arthur Amish community, however, is woodworking. Read more about Illinois Amish furniture, including a listing of Amish furniture retailers in the state.

A guide to Illinois Amish communities

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