…I just wanted to point out a new site for the Amish business book, which includes some advance praise from business leaders, entrepreneurs and authors.

I’m grateful to all those who took time to read advance copies, and the comments are truly humbling considering what these people have accomplished.

Also to cram in a bit more book news here, last week I recorded a podcast, which will be available fairly shortly.  My editor Karen Murphy interviewed me.  She is in California, the sound engineer was in Indiana, and I was in Warsaw, Poland (back in the States next week!) so we had to work out a suitable time since the call spanned 9 time zones.

I hate the sound of my voice recorded (any one else with that hang-up?), but I thought Karen asked some great questions about Amish society and business, and hopefully my answers were interesting as well.   Will have a link to that soon.

Finally, my book is available in a Kindle edition now.  I have zero experience with Kindle, but have heard all the rave reviews.  Apparently it is similar in some ways to the look of an actual book.

Anyone have experience with Kindle?  Any opinions–could this take the place of dead-tree books, or are we still a long way from that?

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