Slightly-handled-Order-man writes:

I feel compelled to ask if all the readers of Amish America are alright and not negatively impacted by “Hurricane Sandy?” I hope everyone is safe, dry and well.

Hurricane SandyBy all accounts this was a monstrous storm hitting the most heavily-populated area of the US.  The only person I’ve spoken with in Sandy’s path was an Amish friend in Lancaster County, and that was on Monday. His kids were coming home early from school, and the sump pump was running already to try to keep the basement from flooding.  Looking at the map it appears the storm made landfall in New Jersey with the eye passing right over southeastern PA.

Were you affected by Sandy? Any news or anecdotes from areas (Amish and non-Amish) that have been? (NOTE: the comment function was not working this morning, but has been restored. My big apologies if you tried to leave one and saw it vanish (annoying, I know). That should not happen anymore, so I hope you’ll try again).

Hurricane Sandy photo: Brian Birke/flickr

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