Hot rod buggy…

One for the weekend–not your typical Amish buggy.  I don’t know the story behind this machine, I just want to know how many horses we’re talking.

From the LCBC car show in Lancaster County, 2010:

hot rod amish buggy

Photo credit: ami.becker

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    1. Lisa Brown

      Someone may have made a pretty penny after rumspringa!

    2. Katie Troyer

      I love Lisa’s comment!

    3. Marilyn from New York

      It reminds of the sign in an antique car supply, restore place where my brother and I went for a part they had for his Model A roadster: The only difference between the men and the boys are the price of their toys.
      Marilyn from New York

    4. Marjorie King


      Now there’s something you don’t see every day!
      Someone has a sense of humor.

    5. Robin Miller

      How original can you get? I love it!!! LOL!!

    6. Alice Aber

      OKKKKKK, now I have seen everything, LOL.

      This looks like something Richard would do, LOL. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😀

    7. Richard

      that hurt Alice, how dare you hint that i love cars,lol. Your a chip off the old block Erik. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish settlement.

    8. Alice Aber


      Richard,,,, you know I love you,,, but come on, anyone who has ever visited your blog at knows you love cars. 😉 So, I can’t see where that hurt a bit now did it, LOL. <3


    9. Richard

      Im really just hurt because Erik is now posting pictures of some really cool cars. Infact that image looks like one of my own. Well its back to reading “motor trend” for me, it relaxes me what can i say folks.Now you know why i could never become Amish, theres no way im giving up my Mustang. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community

    10. Richard

      Wow Alice i just noticed that you just promoted my much loved and overly promoted blog, pinch me because i think im dreaming.Better yet get me a fast car and slap a banner on the side promoting my blog, then you can pinch me. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community.

    11. Alice Aber

      Richard, you have a fast car with that Mustang of yours,,,, go ahead, put a banner on it and then race out here to Illinois so I can pinch you, LOL. Yes, I mentioned your blog, I thought you would get a kick out of that, hahaha.

      Alice who is sitting here in Illinois laughing so hard my side hurts. If you think his post is funny you should read the email he sent me, hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!

    12. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      That is a ride!
      I remember that in the 1990s I saw a TV report on Amish/Mennonite vehicles, and mostly there was a company (for some reason I seem to remember it being a car dealership) selling buggies with engines instead of horses. The typical looking buggy, but from what I recall no hitching parts for the animal horse power.

    13. Richard

      If that thing has a coffee cup holder someones running out to the bank on monday to get a car loan, but only after i promote my blog first,lol. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community.

    14. OldKat

      Sort of a different twise, but a year or so ago I saw an article about an artist (in Brooklyn, NY … I think) that was hacking a Hummer in half and was putting it back together as a horse drawn vehicle. Takes all kinds I guess …

    15. Keith James

      Amish Outcast Hot Rod Model

      This is very similar to this modified AMT model car kit:

    16. Richard I hope I didn’t steal your thunder on the hot rod buggy 🙂

      I am not officially a “car guy”–I don’t care so much about power as the road I’m on, I love to drive back country byways and the vehicle matters not so much as long as it has a coffee cup holder as you say.

      But, I couldn’t pass this one up. I wonder if it will be back again this year, I believe the 2011 edition is next month. Shrewsbury Market, which is a PA Dutch market in York County, does a car show once a month (it’s usually their biggest day), I’d actually be surprised if this bad boy hadn’t made it down there.

      Unfortunately although I’ve been to Shrews many times I haven’t caught the car night, but hope to this summer.

    17. Richard

      Since i moved to the area late last year Erik, im still exploring in a way. Car shows are starting to pop-up now that the weather is much nicer. Infact a local Ford dealer is having a short car show of sorts this wednesday, from 9am -10.30 am. All these cars would be made before 1916, so if i can find the time i might drop by in the morning and take some pictures. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community.

    18. Jeff

      buggy reversal

      Now all we need to see is a Amish “buggy” with the body of a 1933 Ford bolted in place of the cab! 🙂