Holmes County Amish Making Mask Covers, Gowns & Other PPE

Amish in the Holmes County, Ohio community are contributing to the effort to mass-produce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the fight against coronavirus.

John Miller, president of a Sugarcreek manufacturer, struck upon the idea of tapping Amish production power to make products for medical personnel.

Hannah Troyer of Walnut Creek, Ohio is among the many involved. Photo: Kelsey Hochstetler / Keim

Over the past week, Miller assembled a group of local businesses to contribute, including Keim Lumber and the Dutchman Hospitality Group.

There’s a lot of potential for the project (via ideastream.org):

Some of the sewing is taking place outside of companies and in Amish households. Miller said Amish women in the community have the capacity to make thousands of garments inside their own homes.

“The capacity is sitting there, latent in the community,” he said. “The Amish still sew their own garments. They have a fully equipped sewing machine. That’s just part of the culture.”

He said he spoke with church leaders to spread the word to citizens in the community.

“What we can do is go out in this emergency situation and activate all that,” he said.

He estimates there are at least 5,400 homes in the area with sewing capabilities.

“When I met with the Amish leaders to make sure they were on board with this, they told me that I’m underestimating the capacity,” he said. “There are actually over 10,000 ladies that could be mobilized to support this effort.”

The four products they’ve developed so far include covers to extend the life of N95 masks, protective gowns, and Tyvek boot covers for medics and first responders.

This cover is described as “intended to preserve and extend the life of your N95 Mask.”

These products are not FDA-approved, but Miller says they have already gotten orders from hospitals and other customers in several states.

I’m assuming that means that even though they haven’t gotten the governmental seal of approval, the products have been judged to offer enhanced protection by professionals who would know.

While the mask-sewing effort in Lancaster County is described as charitable, this is more of a business-driven effort — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is giving people some work at a time when economic activity is dampened or completely halted – while helping support the needs of medical providers dealing with COVID-19.

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    1. Christy Charles

      About the mask

      I won’t to know how much would u charge for only six mask let me know send ur info to my email address take care God bless you

      1. Christy these are mask covers not masks that they are making, so you’d need to find another source if you are seeking a mask like the N95. Please see my comment to Marci below and I hope you can find something.

        1. John J. Keim

          Keim Lumber in Charm

          Eric, Keim Lumber in Charm was started by Mose J. Keim and my grandfather John J. Keim. Then later on my grandfather built his own Keim lumber in Mt. Hope, which I don’t believe exists anymore.

          I read that Keim Lumber in Charm is providing the material to make medical gowns and other stuff.

          1. I’ll always associate “Keim” with Holmes County – that’s the first place I came across that last name and met more than a few Amish people who carry it. You are right, according to that piece Keim Lumber is supplying Tyvek which they’re using to make the boot covers.

      2. Andrea

        Masks and gowns

        I need ten of each

    2. Randy A

      Amish Come Through

      Leave it to the Amish to come through in a big way when emergencies strike. Bless our Amish neighbors.

      1. Mary Ingram

        AMEN !!!!! What , Everybody could learn from those Fantastic People. I Admire them sooooo much.

    3. Rose Pinkas

      God Bless the Amish

      The Amish are always dedicated to helping out in all emergencies and disasters around the world. I am proud to know some Amish & Mennonite people that are the hardest working and always thinking about other people along with their families. Now they are helping the frontline people in their hour of need, I applaud them for all they do year round helping so many people.
      God Bless you all and stay safe.

    4. Marci Justiss Blankenship


      My husband and I are both seniors. Can I pay you to send us two masks? Thank you, Marci b.
      2213 golden willow lane, Richardson , Texas 75082. Thank you.

      1. Marci they have a products page, but please understand these are not masks but mask covers, meant to be used with masks like the N95 to extend their usefulness. If you want one of those masks you’d need to find another source, do you have somewhere else in mind?


    5. From The New York Times on April 9