Harvest time in Kishacoquillas (‘Big’) Valley, Pennsylvania

Amish farmer harvest Kishacoquillas Valley

It’s harvest time in Kishacoquillas Valley (aka ‘Big’ Valley) in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

Big  Valley is one of the most unique Amish settlements.  The valley is populated by three main Old Order Amish groups, comprising around 30 church districts.  The Byler, Renno, and Nebraska Amish are easily distinguished by their characteristic buggy-top colors–yellow, black, and white, respectively.

Amish harvest time Big Valley Pennsylvania Stay tuned for more on the Amish of Big Valley.

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    1. Marcia

      I’ve been out of touch for a few days with the big wind storm that hit the midwest. Right in the midst of reading all about the Amish we lose power – some people for days and they still don’t have any. Lost all our food, stores (that were able to open) ran out of ice the first day, was feeling pretty desperate when it dawned on me…having no electricity would just be another normal day for the Amish! Luckily our power was only out for 16 hours and then we got company. I was cooking for so many! I don’t know how the Amish cook for large families and relatives day in and day out. They call their lives “slow paced” but I was pretty overwhelmed with all the manual work!

    2. Linda Boccardo


    3. Marcia, exactly–‘slow-paced’ does not necessarily mean not busy!’

      And thanks Linda, glad you like it!

    4. Marcia

      Ha! Slow paced does not exist when cooking for a large family! Maybe I just forgot…my husband and I raised five children and somehow I managed to cook three meals a day for seven people on a four burner stove. And, many evenings a couple of kids would bring home a friend for dinner. I am determined to finish the book Rumspringa today. (Only one grandchild here today) A good book and I like knowing what the Amish kids in Rumspringa decide how to live their adult lives.

    5. Kathy Rowe

      Erik, all your pictures are always so good.
      And, Linda, I’m with you about the Amish. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with their lifestyle. Been to Lancaster several times when I was younger, but go to Holmes County, OH as often as I can now. Really like it there. Also been to Indiana Amish area a couple times.
      I have really enjoyed this website so much. Don’t remember how I came upon it, but look for it daily.

    6. Mary in Michigan

      Kathy, Hello! My husband and I travel to Holmes County about 6-7 times each year to visit with friends we have made there. We live north of Detroit and have a dream of retiring to the north Holmes County area in the next 5-10 years. How often do you get there and have you found any interesting, out-of-the-way, off-the-tourist-trap areas to visit? Take care, Mary B.

    7. Kathy Rowe

      Hey Mary,
      You sound like me. I’d love to retire at Holmes County also. Why don’t you email me at TNWF@aol.com and we can discuss our trips in more detail. You may have some good recommendations for me to look up on my next trip up there.
      Look forward to hearing from you.

    8. Kathy, I thought I’d written to thank you for the kind comment already, but just realized I hadn’t! In any case I’m very glad you found the site and I do appreciate hearing from you.

      Mary sounds like you are on a great schedule with coming to Amish Ohio so often. You’ve got a good bit of Amish in Michigan but I guess nothing like Holmes County.