Got some growing to do

Amish Toddler

Beth Russo took the above during an auction at the Bowling Green, Missouri Amish community.

Beth says: “This little girl went back to that buggie over and over again and her mom went and brought her back over and over again. Hilarious!”

We’ll have more of Beth’s photos later in the week.  In the meantime, comments and captions welcome.

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    1. Marilyn from NY

      Got some growing to do

      I love this picture. What came to my mind when I saw it was: I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Oh Lord, I wanna to go home.

    2. Writing in the dust with her finger...

      …”Wash me.”

    3. No caption from me just a comment.....

      No caption from me Erik as all I can think of right now is “very cute”, and it would have been really nice if her mom would have been given and accepted this picture to remember that moment of her daughter which goes by so very quickly. Richard.

      1. Richard – That’s so funny you said that because I had a picture of a baby with chubby cheeks sitting all bundled up and Katie Troyer said that same thing. I was telling one of the Amish women there about it and she said to bring it so she could see if she knew who it was to give it to the mom. When I showed her the picture, she and another woman didn’t know who it was – said they were probably from another community. I should take this one next time I go up there to see if it rings a bell for anyone.

        1. And I thought I was unique and original!

          Hi Beth and yes that would be really nice of you to do, And I have a feeling that this mom and dad would welcome this picture very much from you. I didn’t realize that Katie had said pretty much the same thing on another photo that you had taken, and here I thought I was totally original,lol. Richard.

    4. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      caption and a story

      “I drive, I big girl. Big brother let me do it, Mom.”

      This caption is based on something that happened to me.
      When I was her age my parents let a teenaged girl baby-sit my sibling and I, and her boyfriend me drive his car up our street. I’ve never seen my Father as furious with anyone at any other time in my life as he was with the boyfriend and the babysitter.

      1. Slightly-handled-Order-man


        …. The young pair got in trouble with my Dad because I told him what we did, and I guess how fun it was.

    5. Tom

      See ya later suckers”

    6. I hope this picture will be a keep-sake for that little girl.

    7. Galen

      “I think the engine goes in here”

      Thanks for sharing the picture Beth.

    8. LeeAnn

      I want my dolly! Nap time! Nice and dark in there to go to sleep.

    9. Alice Mary

      “Let me in! This grass is growing faster than I am!”


      “Forget about “green”…it’s not easy being short!”

    10. OldKat

      "Given a gentle horse

      … I am pretty sure I could drive this thing; if I could just figure out how to get up on the seat”

    11. Kentucky Lady 717

      I’m just wondering why do they let the weeds get so tall? Almost every picture there are weeds that need to be cut…..things look so much better when the weeds are cut…..just sayin………………:)

    12. Tom-GA

      got some growing to do

      Kentucky Lady 717: Your in the country and that the way grass grows. Hay, pasture.

    13. Valerie

      Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

      I can hear her saying, “leave me be, haven’t you heard the Englisher’s say “Dont sweat the small stuff”.

      That’s one of the cutest pictures I ever saw!
      Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more!
      I’m wondering-was this sometime ago? She’s got a scarf and layers on and we have had such a hot summer in most areas, just wondering.
      If it’s that cool in MO than I need to vacation there.

    14. Carolyn B

      My contribution is very similar to Alice Mary’s (whose I really enjoyed best):

      Let me in, let me in.

    15. I was away from home for a couple of days and offline so just catching up. Enjoying the responses here.

    16. Julie Turner

      why is it Hilarious?

      Sounds to me like this Amish mother was doing her best to discipline this little girl in staying with her, so why is that hilarious?
      How wonderful to see a mother being consistant in her child training.

      1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

        Because (one opinion)

        The picture itself is innocent.
        The carriage seems to be so big and the little girl is so small in comparison, people are not making fun of the girl or her mother, they are adding humour to the moment, which happens with all cultures. We can’t know this, but its possible that the mother thought that the moment was cute too considering the mouse and the elephant nature of the picture.
        This is my take anyway.

    17. Bob the Quaker

      I want a Wheel, not a Deal…