Goot Essa Gift Basket Winner

Yesterday we had a Q and A with John Esh of Goot Essa cheese (check it out here if you missed it).  And we’ve got the gift basket winner for you below. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Goot Essa makes small batch cheeses and pairs them with items like apple butter spread, crackers, prosciutto, fudge and more in their wide array of gift baskets. In yesterday’s Q & A I asked John to explain a bit about how they operate:

John Esh: We work with five different farm families for our milk supply. The three sheep farms supply milk. One farms milks about 40 sheep and two of them milk 25 sheep. The goat farm milks about 60 goats.

My family has the cows, and we milk about 65 cows. It generally is a family effort in our herd. Our sons: John, Jonas, Jacob, and Melvin all help me with the milking at some level depending on the schedule of what else is going on. During haymaking our two oldest grandsons Jake Allen and Arlan help with the milking as well.

It’s a family and community operation. You can even stop in and visit at their farm in Centre County, PA. Here’s a comment on that from reader David Treusch:

We learned of the Goot Essa company from earlier email link to article.

My wife and I visited the Esh farm last month. Absolutely beautiful farm, spotless production facility was amazing (particularly enjoyed samples trays). Employees were all very friendly and outgoing to answer all our questions. Tour of the cheese cave was really cool (slight pun intended!).

The quality of the cheeses is definitely at a gourmet level. We took care of our family Christmas shopping. Also, purchased a considerable sample of cheeses to enjoy ourselves!

Highly recommend the Goot Essa products, and in-person farm visit if you are in the area.

Cheese cave in winter

“Cheese Lover’s Dream” gift basket winner

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter a comment. I used to draw a winner of the Cheese Lover’s Dream gift basket from your comments.

Once again here are the cheeses and condiments included in a red gift box:


8 oz. Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar
8 oz. Old German Weissa Kase
6 oz. Der Weichen Gehl


4 oz. Sweet & Spicy Dipping Mustard
1.5 oz. Autumn Dawn Apple Butter
1.5 oz. Nittany Valley Pure Honey

Yum. So the winner is:

Comment #106, Becky!

Congrats Becky, just send your delivery address to me at ewesner[at]gmail[dot]com.

How to order

If you’d like a nice treat with a great story behind it for the upcoming Christmas/New Year period, you can check out Goot Essa’s gift basket selection here. They have dozens of different combinations in sizes from small to large so you are apt to find something that fits the bill.

They also have a subscription service where you get a selection of cheeses each month. You can also view their full range of individual cow, sheep, and goat cheese blocks here. This is Der Alpen Kase:

Der Alpen Kase, a gruyere-style cow cheese

A thanks to Goot Essa for supporting this site and I hope you’ll consider their cheese for your holiday and beyond 😀👍

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    1. Guest

      Erik, this is OT, sorry!

      But I have to thank you again and Christy, for this book! I love it and my husband loves it. I find myself studying the little drawings and tearing up, they’re so honest and sweet. There’s a goodness to it,I think people need to see. I know I need to see goodness. Thank you again to the someone who provided the books to us readers! It’s so generous and kinda ironic,to receive a wonderful little extravagance from the Plain people. I really appreciate it, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and congratulations to Christy, it’s a joy.

    2. Paula


      Wonderful of Goot Essa for doing this!!! I’m putting in my order!!!

    3. Romain S.


      First of all, thanks to Good Essa for their gift and congratulations to the winner.
      In Europe the heftlers were already very famous for their cheeses. I found articles about it in travelogues from the 1890s.
      Erik, check your e-mail, I sent you a message for an article.

    4. Good Essa Gift Basket winner

      Congratulations Becky for your win for the beautiful cheese basket.
      I was so impressed of how many goats and cows being milked each day and up at 4:30am. I wonder if it’s by hand or machine. That’s amazing and a huge effert to produce cheese. I would of liked to of tried small samples of cheese. Someday perhaps. Enjoy and wish everyone a blessed Christmas.