Gone Fishing (But Back Soon)

Amish Gone Fishing

If you had trouble visiting this site the past couple of days, my apologies. We had an influx of activity to the site, and it seems we’ve outgrown our web hosting.

As a result, we are currently upgrading to a new dedicated server, which should mean faster site performance.

The site could at times be harder to access over the next 24-48 hours. Otherwise, comments and the rest of the site should function.

Too much traffic is a good problem to have, and I just want to thank you readers for your patience and support. Will be back to regular posting as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the photo above was taken by contributor ShipshewanaIndiana, in the northern Indiana Amish community.  After the last 24 hours, I really wouldn’t mind being on that boat right now, wherever it might be 🙂

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    1. City Slicker

      Hurry back, Erik darlin’ — we miss you, and all is forgiven!

      1. Thanks CS, I’m here for now at least…I’ve been told we’ll probably be temporarily down again at some point in the next 48 hrs, but at least we’re making some progress here 🙂

    2. Christine McMahon-Chase

      What a great problem to have! Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

    3. Jessie Cochran

      Danke schön for letting all of us know what was going on, Erik! I admit, I was getting kind of worried for a day when I couldn’t access this website from my laptop, and I could the day before. But now I can, so I’m happy. And ja, du hast recht, an influx of activity is a good problem to have!

      – as some call me on here,
      “newcomer” Jess C

      Really not a newcomer, just have started reviewing. So glad you don’t have to create an account.

      PS. Erik, I recently messaged you on your Amish America Facebook page. Please get back to me on that as soon as you can. Danke schön! 🙂

      1. Thanks Christine and Jessie! Jessie glad you commented, I responded to your FB question–there are a few Minnesota Amish articles already on the site, here’s the part on the specific area you asked about. I’ve not visited Todd County so don’t have a ton of info, but this is an overview:

        https://amishamerica.com/minnesota-amish/#todd county

        I think it’d be great to have more Minnesota Amish posts, we’ve had a few, but that state could use a few more. We don’t have any contributors currently covering MN, but maybe a Minnesotan out there reading this will be inspired 😉

    4. Al in Ky

      Thanks for the update. I had been missing new posts on Amish America and now know the reason why. Looking forward to new posts.
      I enjoyed the picture. It brought back memories of when I first learned that some Amish own boats and motors and go fishing. One day about ten years ago I was stopped at a stop sign in Emma, small town south of Shipshewana, Ind. Coming from the other direction was a buggy driven by an Amish man, with several boys as passengers (likely a father and his sons). Behind the buggy they were pulling a small motorboat. Seeing that dispelled more stereotypes I had of Amish life.

      1. The northern Indiana Amish seem to be among the biggest boaters. Lot of local lakes and the factory lifestyle leaves afternoons relatively open for a lot of the men.

        I’m working with the hosting company on the move, so after placing the order for the new server, a lot of it is done on their timeframe.

        They’ve said they will try to minimize downtime, and I hope that’s the case. But probably will have at least another spell of downtime before it’s finished.

        I probably won’t post anything new until Monday at the earliest, by which time we should be on the new server. But if you’re subscribed by email, you should get the notification as usual once something goes up.

    5. On the new server now

      We were down a little bit last evening, but we’re on the new server now. That should be the last of the interruptions and things should be working pretty well now.

      There may have been some weird-looking characters like “” showing in random places in the text for a few hours, but I think I’ve fixed that now.

      Will be testing things out and making sure all is running well. If you notice anything odd just drop me a comment or email. Thanks again for your patience!

    6. Jessie Cochran

      Danke schön Erik!

      By the way, what is your email? In case I want to ask you something and don’t want to post it here online.

      Danke schön wieder,
      – Jessie C

      1. Sure, it is . Also on the “About” page at the bottom.

    7. Joe Owen

      Farmers Market

      I am trying to get venders for Daleville Farmers Market, can you help? Contact me @home (765)378-5221 or cell phone (765)425-1196

      1. OldKat

        Ag Extension Service an option?

        Joe, the Ag Extension service in most states have an initiative or program of some sort to encourage more local production and more local consumption of LOCALLY produced agricultural products.

        My state has a program called Go Texan for this very reason. My daughter is employed by LSU Ag Center, the Louisiana Ag Extension service, and I know that they have a program as well; though I can’t recall the name of it. When she was working on her PhD at Auburn, part of her doctoral dissertation involved a study to gauge consumer, producer and retailer interest, expectations etc. of such a program in Alabama. It seems that they had rolled one out some years prior, but it had received little interest or participation so they were either looking to replace it or modify it as needed. That has been several years ago, so I don’t know what ever became of that effort.

        The point being; this is a VERY big deal in many states and I’d bet that Indiana, being a very strong agricultural state, would have just such a program. If you are NOT looking for Amish participation ONLY, try contacting the Ag Extension agent in your county and ask if they have such a program. If they do, ask who is the director, coordinator or whatever they happen to call the person that runs the program. Then contact that person with your request. If Indiana has such a program and if there are farmers anywhere nearby Daleville that have agreed to participate in it, I am pretty sure you will find one or more willing potential vendors … maybe more than you have room for. That would be a good start anyway.

        Someone else might be able to give you some direction on how to locate possible Amish vendors. Good luck on your quest to grow the Farmers Market in Daleville, I think it will probably be worth the effort.

        1. Joe Owen

          Thanks Old Kat, will try that.

      2. Linda

        You might want to contact the Amish in the towns of Kokomo, Monroe, Mooreland, or Berne, Indiana. Are you looking for produce or baked goods? I don’t know how many of them would have state or county inspections. “Girl’s apple butter booth shut down at Daleville Farmers Market.”

        Or you could inquire at one of these stores:

        Troyer’s Country Store
        10599 S State Rd 3
        Milroy, IN 46156
        765 629-2604

        Miller’s Variety Store
        3718 N 700 E
        Kokomo, IN 46901
        765 628-3173

        Troyer’s Market LLC.
        891 W300 S
        Berne, IN 46711
        260 849-0900

        Grabill Country Sales
        13813 Fairview Dr
        Grabill, IN 46741
        260 627-8330

        Peachey’s Bulk Food
        1631 N Mull Rd
        Rockville, IN 47872
        765 569-1080

        (Amish Merchants in the area of Berne, Indiana)

        1. Joe Owen

          Daleville Farmers Market

          Looking for venders, would like any venders, home grown, home made, home baked, our venders need too comply with Delaware County Board of health. If interested stop in and check us out at the Daleville Town Hall, or call me Joe Owen (765)378-5221 @ home.

    8. Ada/KJV Conservative

      So sorry, Erik

      I’m so sorry that so many people are viewing your wonderful website. Just kidding!
      I’m not surprised that Amish America has “outgrown” its server, etc. I love this website myself 🙂