Giant Amish People…in a Cage

giant amish people

A picture in need of a caption.  Taken outside of Shartlesville, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

I’m still not sure–would meeting this pair make me smile…or give me nightmares?

Either way, one more reason to love America.

Photo credit: Colin Grey

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    1. Richard

      Erik in this politically correct world you would call them petroleum based enabled people, because they are made of plastic which comes from fossil fuel oils. Please try and be a little more sensitive next time. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

    2. Richard

      As ive e-mailed Erik about this, the Martyrs Mirrors that Erik talked about in his post a little while back were sold along with a few other rare books for 25,000. Not bad but i had thought those 2 Martyrs Mirrors would have sold for that alone, and more. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

    3. Robin Miller

      Giant Amish Man

      Have you seen the giant fiberglass Amish man in front of Hershey Farm in Strasburg? He originally stood in front of a diner, I believe in Adamstown. We had fun taking pictures with him. They told me his name but I can’t remember it.

    4. Robin Miller

      P.S. I named him Amos …

    5. Beth

      I’d go with the nightmare, Erik!

    6. Leo

      Giant Amish

      Ah, roadside Americana! I’ve never seen a real Amish man wearing a bright red shirt.

    7. Lindsay

      The Amish cousins of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters!

    8. Annetta


      How about Gentle Giants?

    9. Richard

      I know if i melt those 2 and pour them in my gas tank i could circle the world 2 times, and never be late for dinner. I’m not sure what i just said but it sounded good while it was in my head. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

    10. JoAnn


      I wonder if the happy couple misses their family enough to wander off in the dark of night? Alas, I live too far away to help them.

    11. forsythia

      Tell them: “Put down the pitchfork and I might be your friend.”

    12. Loving the responses 🙂 Lindsay, Ghostbusters was brilliant. There’s something in the eyes there…

      I want to like these guys but something is…off. Is she suffering from a bad case of indigestion or just trying to warn us…??

      I think the lesson is, never trust a pitchfork-wielding Amish farmer in a red shirt.

    13. Forest

      Must be part of those “large” Amish families I always see people writing about.

    14. Elin

      Scares me to death even more than those cats with no fur…

    15. Richard

      This is almost as disturbing as that burger king commercials, the ones with the “King” with that plastic face. Make it go away Erik, I’m not sure if i will ever be able to promote my blog again. Well that’s not going to happen, i bet i had you going for a min,lol. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon county.

    16. Robin

      Richard, nothing’s as creepy as that Burger King … what kid would want to eat there after seeing that? Not even for a cardboard crown!!! LOL!!!

    17. Michelle P

      I think that would give me nightmares!

    18. Eli

      Your gonna need a bigger cage.

    19. Robin

      Is the cage around them to protect them? I could see photo ops, people wanting to prop the kiddies up in the laps of the huge, friendly, smiling fiberglass Amish couple

    20. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Anybody got a donut?

      I’ve never been there, but it evokes images of that figure in Los Angeles and his giant iconic Donut. In Ontario we have giant Geese and slightly bigger than life size Elephants, oh and the money is big too.

      One thing is for sure, these Giant Order Amish would direct photography-taker’s attention from regular-sized Amish, and maybe even cause the teeny tiny OOs to sneak a picture too.

    21. loretta

      roadside america

      Is this from Roadside America in Shartlesville? I’ve read about that place and would like to see some pictures, as well as know more about it. And how far is it from Lancaster County?

      1. C.J.


        I am rather late, responding to your note here, Loretta, but I just happened upon this today!
        Please see my note regarding this, at the bottom of these comments!
        There is a bronze-like marker near this sight, along the highway, telling a brief snippet of the massacre story of the Jakob Hochstetler family.
        I have listed more info below and named some places you can learn more, as well as books written by ancestors, & very interesting.
        I hope this will help you IF you are still interested, and AMISH AMERICA’s website can forward on to your email….Erik, please, and thank you!

    22. OldKat

      I’d bet that this is one of those cases where the person that dreamed this up thought; “This will be great!” and the person they hired to create this “masterpiece” said; “I can do that & it will be really nice!”. Update: Nope, in both both cases.

    23. Loretta, I believe it is. The author of the photo had tagged this as Roadside America. I personally don’t know a lot about it, other than it looks to be in northern Berks County, which is the next county up from Lancaster.

    24. This wasn’t an official contest, but lot of good captions and funny comments here. Seems like most people are slightly disturbed by our Jumbo Amish friends, like I was.

      Forsythia I especially enjoyed your 2nd comment on ‘large’ Amish families. They just keep getting bigger it seems.

    25. C. J.

      Roadside Attraction

      I just happened upon this old post, Erik. Don’t believe that I had ever seen before, but IF I did, it did not register back then.
      We were visiting in the Lancaster area, fall of 2018, and were shown where this site was by our Amish friends.
      There in Shartlesville, near this “roadside Amish couple”, there is an old homestead where some of the first Amish settlers, (the family of Jacob Hochstetler) were massacred, and Jacob and two sons were kidnapped by Indians.
      It is a well-known story among many Amish and can be researched online if anyone is interested, or at the Mennonite or Amish Historical buildings, in Lancaster Co., I believe.
      The homestead is now on private property, just off of the main highway there, and not well maintained. Our Amish friends had previously met the owner and were granted permission that day, to show us around. There have been several books written, telling the story, and they are a very interesting historical read..
      I was particularly interested, as my family roots come from there!
      The house has been rebuilt over the years, but the foundation is still intact, along with “The Window” that had significance in the books.
      If you are not aware of this story, Erik, or anyone else that may be interested, I highly recommend the series of 3 written by a family member, Ervin R. Stutzman, called “RETURN TO NORTHKILL”, or another series of 2, also written by another ancestor, Bob Hostetler & his wife. (“Northkill”)
      Books are available most anywhere or can be ordered at CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE, (online) as well as many other websites including Amazon.