Views from an early-AM jog in Lancaster County

A gloomy morning that turned sunny, from a less-populated corner of Lancaster County.

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  1. Emma

    Oh, these are beautiful, Erik!! It reminds me of all the times we used to go there when I was a little girl. I loved every minute then, and I still love every minute now.
    Thanks for the pics.

  2. Susan

    Just looking at it makes me feel peaceful! We visit Lancaster about once a month and love it. We have never been to this area though, so maybe we will have to check it out. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures!

  3. deb

    Oh, how I love Lancaster in the morning……..

  4. Glad you all enjoyed them. I didn’t quite get a chance to take as many as I’d like this time. It’s a great time of year to be in Lancaster, for sure. I have been hearing plenty of stories of the head-high snow drifts of a couple months ago though.

  5. Kate H.

    Are those the mysterious Welsh Mountains in the distance?

  6. Kate, you’re right in the ballpark!

  7. Amanda

    I just love the one with the pond. It’s breathtaking.

  8. salim

    Oh, these are beautiful, I just love the one with the pond. It’s breathtaking.I want to u .