Just back yesterday from family vacation at the beach in SC.  This was the first week all year I hadn’t posted anything here, though I did check in on comments and couldn’t resist sharing a few links and photos on the Amish America Facebook page.  I’m not home for long, taking off today on a week-long trip to Lancaster County.

Lancaster in late September–fields emptying of corn, pumpkins and gourds everywhere, and a nip in the air as we roll into fall.  I was last in Lancaster County in February which can mean extreme winter weather, though I got off pretty easily this year. I do enjoy coming in early autumn as the climate is usually excellent and the scenery arguably at its prettiest. I’ll be checking in with Abe’s produce operation, a market stand or two, and making plenty of other visits.

Forgiveness Conference

On Thursday I’ll be attending the Forgiveness Conference at the Young Center at Elizabethtown College which I first mentioned here back in spring.  I’ve gotten word that the day session will have quite a large group with well over 200 signed up to attend (now closed to registration), maybe I will see some Amish America folks there?  There is also the evening session which is open to the public (no registration required) starting at 7:30 and running til 9pm.  If you’re around I encourage you to come.

It will be a nice capstone to the conference with 3 speakers scheduled, including Steven Nolt and Terri Roberts, mother of Charles Roberts, who shot the Amish schoolgirls five years ago this October 2nd.  Speaking of Terri, one of the most moving pieces I’ve seen on the school shooting was her interview in the back of the paperback edition of Amish Grace. Find a short excerpt of that interview here.  I can only imagine what it might be like for her to speak about her experience in front of a large group which will no doubt include a significant Amish contingent.

The Conference will underscore the most important act of that infamous day, the choice by the Nickel Mines families to forgive their children’s killer.  I don’t think it’s a message that we can hear too many times.

If you do make it out to either session I hope you’ll at least flag me down to say hello!  For more info: Young Center Forgiveness Conference.

Connection magazine winners

Thanks for the great response to the Connection Magazine giveaway contest.  We have two bits of good news–first, our three winners, each the proud owner of a fresh back issue of The Connection Magazine:

#18 Sharon c

#31 Nadege

#82 Mona G.

Congrats ladies, and to claim your copy, email me at amishamerica (at) gmail.com with the address where you’d like your issue sent.  If you’d like to subscribe to the Connection, you can find out how here.

Secondly, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about the Connection–stay tuned for an interview with the founders upcoming on the blog.

Name that Wagon

Occasionally you see some odd looking horse-drawn contraptions parked in front of Amish homes.  For one example, see here (6th photo down; not an Amish vehicle in this case, but a tourism-use wagon being worked on by the Amish tarp shop owner).

Here’s another shot of an odd wagon in Ashland County, Ohio.  What is this thing?

green amish wagon


Amish-made cheese

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