First Farm——> Ira Wagler

We never actually got to the brown eggs, but did cover a lot of other ground during my interview with Ira Wagler yesterday.

That includes Ira’s takes on buggy speakers bigger than the driver, Ira’s experience leaving the Amish, and why the “all things Amish” wave may be cresting.  Listen to the podcast here (link no longer available).

This was my first time hosting radio, and before the show I lobbied Ira, hard, to go easy on me.  He reluctantly agreed.  Lucky me.

And, I must add: my thanks to Suzanne for graciously letting me man the helm while she was gone!  I found out it ain’t as easy as it looks (sounds?).

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    1. YES, I get to listen to it! Missed it yesterday because of a nerve-wracking extended trip to the doc with my daughter, but I’m here now and can’t wait to listen. Glad you enjoyed yourself and that apparently it went well ~ 🙂

    2. OldKat

      Interesting interview. I had been kinda curious about Ira since you linked to his blog sometime back & I read a batch of his archived postings. Fascinating guy; thanks for doing the interview with him.

    3. Glad you liked it OldKat, he is a great guest. And thanks Beth–hope you have some nerves left over after yesterday!

    4. Katie Troyer

      I enjoyed the talk.

    5. Erik…you are so gifted with communication! Awesome interview…you and Ira covered lots of interesting topics! Thanks again for filling in for me. ~Suzanne

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    7. DJ

      You did a great job! I enjoyed the interview & it was nice to put a voice to both of your blogs 🙂