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We are trying out a robust new search feature powered by Google Custom Search.  You’ll see the new search box in the right sidebar just above the “Recent Comments” box.

New Search Box Amish AmericaThe old search feature really was not very good.  It returned results in chronological order.  Results were often not relevant to what you were looking for.  Thanks to the readers who pointed this out.

This new site search uses the same technology that helps you find things on the web.  I’ve been testing it the past few days and it seems to work quite well.

You can search all old posts as well as the comments archive.  You can also search all images (just click the tab from “Web” to “Image” on the search results page–“Web”, a little confusingly, just means results from Amish America, not the whole web).

New Search Amish AmericaI hope you’ll find this improvement useful.  Just playing with this feature I’ve run across a lot of interesting old material that I almost forgot was on this site 🙂

So if you’re looking for an old post or comment or photo you remember but not sure exactly from where, it should be a lot easier to locate now.

Also, apologies for anyone who tried to access Amish America last night and couldn’t.  I was fixing a technical issue and the site was down for a few hours.  You would have seen an “Access Denied” message or something similar.  All should be working fine now.

Amish Search Images
Image search for “Ohio”


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    1. Joan Sheldon

      new search

      Very nice, Erik. Works well. Many thanks, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    2. Lattice

      Thanks for going to all the trouble, Erik! Oftentimes I can remember so many details about an interesting post,… except where to find it. This will be quite useful 🙂

      1. OldKat


        My thoughts exactly. Thanks Erik.

    3. ann
    4. Linda

      Thanks, Erik, for the Google Custom Search. This is easier than googling Amish America plus whatever I’m looking for, and with better results. I haven’t tried the image search yet,