FBI Releases Composite Photo Showing Linda Stoltzfoos In English Clothing

The FBI got involved in the Linda Stoltzfoos search last week. It was not said exactly what they were doing in the case. One of their tasks has now been revealed – they’ve created a “composite photo” showing what Linda might look like with an “English” appearance:

They’ve basically simulated an image of Linda with her hair down and wearing non-Amish clothing. You can see why the FBI created the composite. Composite photos can be helpful if a person’s appearance could have changed, either due to intentionally changing it, or simply due to aging. A photo like this might be useful if, despite general belief, Linda did leave of her own free will from her family and community. Or if she has been kidnapped and made to wear English clothing.

For that matter, I’ve only seen the one photo of Linda. Perhaps it’s the only one, or just the best quality one. Here’s the FBI Missing Person poster for Linda (view large size here):

Meanwhile, though authorities began winding up involvement leading physical searches last week, members of the Amish community have continued looking for Linda, including in a creek area.

Authorities are still saying that nothing has been ruled out, but that they have no evidence of foul play. It’s now been 11 days since Linda’s disappearance.

Anyone with information is requested to call the East Lampeter Township Police Department at 717-291-4676. If you happened to be on any of these five Lancaster County roads on June 21, please contact police. You can also contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), or submit a tip online at tips.fbi.gov.

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    1. C.J.

      Missing girl in PA.

      Cannot imagine what her parents, siblings, and community are feeling. Pray she is safe somewhere of her own choice, and that she will get word to family that she is OK.
      The unknown seems to always be the hardest to cope with.
      Prayers ~

      1. missing girl

        her family members in virginia are very very very upset. she was and is loved by her family. I pray they find her soon.

    2. Judy Pasqualone

      Pandemic masks could be difficult to spot her

      I pray really that she left of her own accord but I’m concerned a girl brought up in that lifestyle would be oblivious to the feelings of her family…that she wouldn’t come forward to at least say I’m ok. That’s why I’m fearing something bad going on. God help her.

      1. Geo


        Not to attack this commenter, but he/she seems to suggest the Amish lifestyle produces kids lacking human compassion. I think that’s an uncalled for judgment. I would suggest just the opposite; that Amish folks with their close knit lifestyle may be more caring and more concerned about the feelings of others and not less. Pardon me if I read that wrong.

        1. Pat Monti

          As With English, Some Amish Are Good; Some Are Bad.

          As with English, some Amish are good; some are bad. We’ve had numerous dealings with many of them throughout the years in our central Illinois area.

          Hopefully she’ll be found safe and sound soon. Also, hopefully her family will be notified of such if they are deserving of that information. There are situations whereby that is not the case.

        2. Deirdre Metcalf

          Response to "unkind".

          I had to read that comment a few times because I too thought the commenter was being somewhat unkind, but after a couple more times through, I think it was just worded badly. Using the word “oblivious” is probably what is making us think that, but the last sentence gives me the idea that it wasn’t meant the way it sounded. On the contrary, that the commenter was saying that growing up in a culture such as the Amish would make Linda MORE apt to know that her parents would be worried sick and that would be why she (the commenter) was “fearing that something bad was going on”. I think “oblivious” was either used incorrectly or that she thought that Linda would be oblivious to the idea that any family would NOT be worried sick about their daughter. I’m sure everyone here is here because of our love and respect for the lifestyle, and we’re all praying for Linda’s safe recovery.

        3. Missing Amish Woman

          Hi Geo. I saw that too. I think the lady meant something else & was maybe typing too fast.
          God, keep Your hand on this young woman.

          1. Geo


            Agreed and agreed. Probably wasn’t intended that way.

    3. Beverly

      Composite photo

      Miss Linda has a strong overbite characteristic. (It tends to run in families)

      People can blend in with the general public. I would be looking for that, while keeping a eye out for her.

      Then again…with the having to wear a facial covering…it might be difficult to discern her appearance in a crowd.

      She is 18. She might not want to be found.

      I recently didn’t have any communication with my 24 year old mentally ill son for over 2 months..and it took a great deal of persuading my local law enforcement to try and get them to start a missing person’s report on him! I feel this family’s pain and heartbreak!

    4. This is so scary to so many

      I have been praying for the return of this young lady
      It’s terrible how so many children become victims
      Of terrible people.
      This world is not very safe for much of anyone.
      I will continue my prayers for this little beautiful
      I pray for her family to never loose hope.
      She will be found.
      God bless all who are searching for her. I have
      You all in my prayers. Jolene Douglas

    5. Judy Pasqualone


      I think if she were okay she would have notified family. It’s been too long. God help this child and her family. I just don’t understand the lack of any leads. Wish someone would have seen something. The worst of any parents heartbreak.

    6. Valarie M Gaylord


      This is such tough times, then to add to it a missing child/young woman. I can’t fathom such a loss. Praying for her safety and for her family too!