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Answers based on sources including Amish writings and input, scholarly articles and non-fiction books on the Amish. References and further reading listed at bottom of each page.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Amish


Wooden Crosss

  1. Are the Amish Christian?
  2. What are basic Amish religious beliefs?
  3. Why don’t Amish fight in wars?
  4. Do Amish think technology is evil?
  5. Why do Amish believe in separation from the world?
  6. When do Amish get baptized?
  7. Do Amish believe in assurance of salvation?
  8. Why do Amish practice shunning?
  9. Do Amish carry insurance?
  10. Why don’t Amish work on Sundays?
  11. Are the Amish hypocrites?

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The Bible

Corinthians Excerpt

  1. Are Amish allowed to read the Bible?
  2. In which language is the Bible Amish use?
  3. Which version of the Bible do Amish use?
  4. Do the Amish use both Old and New Testament?
  5. Which Scriptures do Amish most frequently use?
  6. Do Amish use the Apocrypha?

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Gray Buggies in Lancaster County

  1. Why do Amish refuse to drive cars?
  2. How much do Amish buggies cost?
  3. Who makes Amish buggies?
  4. How many buggies do Amish own?
  5. How fast do Amish buggies travel?
  6. How far can a horse-and-buggy go?
  7. What colors are Amish buggies?
  8. Are Amish buggies heated?
  9. What safety features do Amish buggies have?
  10. Why do some Amish refuse to use the buggy safety triangle?

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Rustic wooden "Open" sign

  1. Why are Amish businesses closed on Sunday?
  2. What are typical Amish businesses?
  3. How can I find an Amish business?
  4. Why are small businesses popular among Amish?
  5. How many Amish businesses are there?
  6. Do Amish make a lot of money?
  7. Can Amish women run businesses?
  8. What kinds of auctions do Amish hold?
  9. Do Amish have to pay taxes?

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Father and son with fishing pole

  1. Where are Amish children born?
  2. How large is the average Amish family?
  3. Do Amish ever adopt?
  4. How are Amish children disciplined?
  5. What games do Amish children play?
  6. When do Amish children go to school?

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Amish family on walk to church

  1. Do Amish have church buildings?
  2. What’s a church district?
  3. When do Amish create a new church?
  4. Who are the leaders of the Amish church?
  5. How do Amish select ministers?
  6. When are Amish church services held?
  7. How long is an Amish church service?
  8. What happens at an Amish church service?
  9. When are Amish baptized?
  10. What is Council meeting?
  11. When do Amish have Communion?
  12. What happens at Communion?
  13. Do Amish practice footwashing?
  14. What is the Holy Kiss?
  15. What is the Ausbund?
  16. What songs do Amish sing in church?
  17. What does being “in fellowship” mean?
  18. Do Amish bishops control their people?
  19. What do Amish think about other faiths?
  20. Do Amish proselytize?
  21. Can I go to an Amish church service?
  22. Do people ever join the Amish church?

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Blue and green dresses drying

  1. Why do the Amish dress plainly?
  2. Why do Amish women cover their heads?
  3. What is Amish women’s headwear called?
  4. Do Amish women cut their hair?
  5. Why do Amish men wear beards?
  6. Do Amish wear buttons?
  7. Do Amish men wear collars?
  8. What is a mutza suit?
  9. What are broadfall trousers?
  10. Do Amish men wear belts?
  11. Do Amish wear athletic shoes?
  12. Do Amish make their own clothes?
  13. What should I wear if I visit the Amish?

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Black and white profile of carriage

  1. What conflicts have Amish faced?
  2. Do Amish run puppy mills?
  3. Do Amish drink alcohol?
  4. Does abuse happen in Amish communities?
  5. Do Amish always report crimes?
  6. Why are Amish targeted by criminals?
  7. What about the beard-cutting group led by Sam Mullet?
  8. How has fracking affected the Amish?
  9. Do Amish follow building codes?
  10. Can I buy raw milk from the Amish?
  11. Do Amish use corporal punishment?
  12. Can Amish people be individuals?

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Simple Gravestone

  1. Do Amish believe in an afterlife?
  2. How do Amish mourn the deceased?
  3. What happens at an Amish funeral?
  4. Are Amish embalmed?
  5. Do Amish use funeral homes?
  6. Where are Amish people buried?
  7. Who makes coffins for the Amish?

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Front door on Swartzentruber home

  1. Are Amish all the same?
  2. What does Old Order mean?
  3. How many Amish groups are there?
  4. Why are there so many Amish groups?
  5. Who are the most conservative Amish?
  6. Who are the least conservative Amish?
  7. Are there any non-white Amish?
  8. Do all Amish get along?

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Two chimneys on an Amish school

  1. Why does Amish school end at 8th grade?
  2. Do Amish children go to high school?
  3. What are Amish schools like?
  4. When do Amish children go to school?
  5. Do Amish children attend public schools?
  6. Do Amish homeschool?
  7. Do Amish schools offer special education?
  8. Who teaches Amish children?
  9. Can Amish men be schoolteachers?
  10. Who administers Amish schools?

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Amish boys and their sisters

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Mules pulling a plow

  1. Why do Amish revere farming?
  2. Do all Amish like farming?
  3. Why are fewer Amish farming?
  4. Is Amish-grown food organic?
  5. Do Amish farmers use pesticides?
  6. Are the Amish “green”?
  7. Why do some Amish raise tobacco?

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Black and white field

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Cherry Pie Crust

  1. What are popular Amish dishes?
  2. What are popular Amish desserts?
  3. Do Amish grow all their own food?
  4. How do Amish store food?
  5. How do Amish keep food cold?
  6. Do Amish eat fast food?
  7. Is Amish food fattening?
  8. Where can I find Amish recipes?

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Stained wood grain detail

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Courthouse facade

  1. Do the Amish pay taxes?
  2. Do the Amish vote?
  3. Are Amish “Republican” or “Democrat”?
  4. Can Amish run for political office?
  5. What is the Two Kingdoms doctrine?
  6. Do Amish follow the law?
  7. What is the National Amish Steering Committee?

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Doctor's stethoscope

  1. Do Amish believe in modern medicine?
  2. Do Amish visit doctors?
  3. Are the Amish healthier than other Americans?
  4. Do Amish get immunized?
  5. Do Amish carry health insurance?
  6. How do Amish pay hospital bills?
  7. Do Amish practice folk medicine?
  8. Do Amish use alternative medical treatments?
  9. Do Amish travel for medical treatment?

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Willems Anabaptist martyr

  1. Where do the Amish come from?
  2. Where does the name “Amish” come from?
  3. Who was Jakob Ammann?
  4. Who was Menno Simons?
  5. Who were the Anabaptists?
  6. Who was Dirk Willems?
  7. When did the Amish come to America?
  8. Which is the oldest Amish community?
  9. When did Amish disappear in Europe?
  10. Do the Amish change over time?

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Children singing Christmas carols

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Second story of Amish home

  1. What are Amish homes like?
  2. How do Amish decorate their homes?
  3. How do Amish heat their homes?
  4. How do Amish light their homes?
  5. Do Amish homes have shutters?
  6. Do Amish homes have carpets?
  7. Do Amish homes have bathrooms?
  8. Do Amish kitchens have refrigerators?
  9. How do Amish cook food?
  10. Do Amish have upholstered furniture?
  11. How do Amish wash clothes?
  12. Who builds Amish homes?

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Joining the Amish

Three Amish huddled on carriage

  1. Can outsiders join the Amish?
  2. Why do Amish converts leave the church?
  3. How do you become Amish?
  4. Can you keep in touch with family if you join the Amish?
  5. Where can I read about people who’ve become Amish?
  6. Do the Amish seek converts?
  7. When do Amish youth officially join the church?

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Amish children having discussion

  1. What language do the Amish speak?
  2. Why do Amish people call their dialect “Dutch”?
  3. Is the dialect Amish speak the same everywhere?
  4. When do Amish children learn English?
  5. Do Amish speak High German?
  6. Do Amish speak English with an accent?
  7. How can an outsider learn PA Dutch?

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Man and wife

  1. At what age do Amish marry?
  2. Can Amish men have more than one wife?
  3. What’s an Amish wedding like?
  4. When are Amish weddings held?
  5. Do Amish wear wedding rings?
  6. Do Amish couples separate or divorce?
  7. Can Amish remarry after a spouse dies?
  8. Do all Amish marry?
  9. Do Amish husbands control their wives?

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Wheels on Mennonite carriages

  1. How are Amish and Mennonites similar?
  2. How are Amish and Mennonites different?
  3. How many types of Mennonites are there?
  4. Who are the Old Order Mennonites?
  5. Do Amish and Mennonites cooperate?
  6. Where does the name “Mennonite” come from?
  7. Who are the Old Colony Mennonites?
  8. Who are the Beachy Amish?

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Bar of a blue gate

  1. Do Amish pay taxes?
  2. Does a blue gate outside an Amish home have meaning?
  3. Do Amish marry close relatives?
  4. Do Amish use English men to impregnate their women?
  5. Do Amish speak Old English or mix German into their speech?
  6. Is Amish food “all-natural” and organic?
  7. Do Amish think technology is evil?

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Old Age

Elderly Amish couple walking outside

  1. How are older Amish included in the community?
  2. What is a dawdihaus?
  3. When do Amish retire?
  4. Do elderly Amish go to retirement homes?
  5. Do Amish accept Social Security payments?
  6. How many grandchildren do Amish grandparents have?

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English person in Amish crowd

  1. What do Amish call the rest of us?
  2. Do Amish cooperate with non-Amish?
  3. Can I be friends with the Amish?
  4. Can I visit an Amish community?
  5. Do Amish accept outsiders into the church?

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SMC Pentax camera lens

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Amishmen grouped together at auction

  1. Where do Amish live?
  2. Are there any Amish outside America?
  3. How many Amish are there in total?
  4. Are the Amish growing?
  5. How many Amish communities are there?
  6. Which are the largest Amish communities?
  7. Do Amish live in closed colonies?
  8. Why do Amish move to new places?

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Handpainted product list


Football game in the snow

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Amish teen riding on buggy back

  1. What does “Rumspringa” mean?
  2. What is the purpose of Rumspringa?
  3. Are Amish youth encouraged to behave badly during Rumspringa?
  4. Do youth have to follow the rules during Rumspringa?
  5. Why is Rumspringa important?
  6. Do Amish youth leave home during Rumspringa?
  7. Why do Amish have youth groups?
  8. What is a “Buddy Bunch”?
  9. What happens at an Amish youth singing?
  10. Do Amish youth own smartphones?
  11. Do Amish get into trouble during Rumspringa?
  12. What do Amish do on dates?
  13. What is bundling?

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  1. Can Amish use birth control?
  2. Do Amish accept homosexuality?
  3. Is sex education taught in Amish schools?
  4. Does premarital sex occur among Amish?
  5. Does inbreeding happen in Amish communities?

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Solo person walking in field

  1. What is the Bann?
  2. What is shunning?
  3. What is the Ordnung?
  4. Why and how are Amish excommunicated?
  5. Why do the Amish practice shunning?
  6. Who decides whether an Amish church member should be excommunicated?
  7. Who can be shunned?
  8. Are there different types of shunning?
  9. Can former Amish return to the church?
  10. Are the Amish the only religious group that practices shunning?
  11. Isn’t shunning cruel?

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Solar panel detail

  1. Do Amish use technology?
  2. Why do Amish restrict technology?
  3. Why do Amish prohibit public electricity?
  4. Can Amish talk on the telephone?
  5. Do Amish own smartphones?
  6. Do Amish ever use the internet?
  7. Why can Amish use certain technologies outside the home?
  8. Do Amish use tractors?
  9. Do Amish ever adopt new technologies?
  10. How do Amish adapt technology to their needs?
  11. What is “Amish electricity”?

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Plain-dressed family on highway

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Insignia on passenger train

  1. How do Amish get around?
  2. How do Amish travel long distances?
  3. Can Amish fly in airplanes?
  4. Why don’t Amish drive cars?
  5. What is an Amish taxi?
  6. Do Amish travel by train and bus?
  7. Do Amish stay in hotels?

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TV Shows

Antique television

  1. Is “Amish Mafia” real?
  2. Is “Breaking Amish” a realistic depiction of Amish youth?
  3. Why are there so many Amish television programs?
  4. Do the Amish ever watch TV?
  5. What programs or films are reliable sources of info on the Amish?

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White head covering on Amish women

  1. What are traditional Amish female roles?
  2. Do Amish women have the same rights as men?
  3. Do Amish women run businesses?
  4. Are Amish women content?
  5. Are Amish women free to choose?

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Man with reins of horse team

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    1. Gail Lahovich

      Sarasota, FL Amish

      Do you have Amish restaurants for non Amish. Where can I buy some Amish foods and Amish goods to buy. I am a big fan of Amish. I used to go to Pennsylvania quite often when I lived in NJ for Amish foods and things. I’m in California now but FL has always been my dream to live. Sarasota sounds beautiful for my needs.Thank you and God Bless.

      1. Michelle Sheldon

        Amish near Sarasota Florida

        I live in Florida and have been to Pinecraft many times. I love this community. It is quite unique in that there are a few year round residents but many more snow birds, and there are people of many different groups ( Mennonite, Old Order Amish, New Order Amish, Beachy Amish to name a few I have personally interected with). There are also some residents who were raised Amish, but never took the vow. They all live work and worship together very cohesively and are very welcoming to us “Englishers”. There are two restaurants. The first is Yoder’s which is a mainstay of the community and is quite famous for thier pies in particular, although you would be hard pressed to find an option on the menu that does not excite your taste buds. There is also a produce and grocery market, and gift shop adjacent to Yoders as well as Olaf’s Creamery next door, which serves amazing fresh homemade ice cream. The second restaraunt is Der Dutchman. It is about a block and a half east on the opposite side of the road. I have not been there in a few years. It used to be Troyers, until the Troyers retired when they were around 90 years old. Back then it was an enormous buffett and her food could not be beat. When they sold and retired the menu changed and I missed her cooking far too much. According to the website the resaurant now has a soup and salad bar and a menu of many other items for every meal of the day. I guess I will have to visit again soon to see how it is now. Last time I was there it was still a large buffett. There is also a backery, market, and large gift shop, and unless changed by the current owners there are displays in one hall (to the left upon entering) which tell some of the history of Pinecraft. I hope much is as it was last time I was there. In the shopping plaza next door there are 2 businesses I will mention. If you are ever in need of furniture or custom cabnity Millers Dutch Haus Furniture is of the finest quality. If sewing or quilts hit your fancy visit Alma Sue’s quilt shop. There is almost always a quilt on frame being worked on. Members of the community will come in and work together on it, and sometimes they will welcome an outsider like myself to pull up a chair and join in the frolic. That would be one of my fondest memories of visiting Pinecraft. The other fondest memory well worth mentioning is attwnding a signing. In the winter the community often has singings at Pinecraft Park ( A few block behind Yoder’s). Again they are very welcoming to us Englishers. These signings are for the whole family, unlike the ones exclussively for the teens in rumpscringe you read about. There are many hymns in English sung and sometimes they have a “gospel concert” type of singing with a guest family performing or leading the singing. They are wonderful events to enjoy. Here I like to throw in my 2 cents on visitors etiquette. Too often I see tourists taking photos of the Amish people. Please refrain from doing so, for many of them it is a violation of thier ordinung to allow thier picture to be taken and while they won’t chase you down to demand you delete thier photo and probably won’t even say anything to you or so much as cast a dissapproving look, it is upsetting to those with stricter rules to be “forced into a sin”. Please be considerate of thier feelings. The people of Pinecraft are very hospitable and welcome conversations. Many willingly share thier story and beliefs with outsiders who maintain respect in interactions with them. You will find them to be some of the nicest people you can encounter in America. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to reply with any questions. I will provide honest answers. I hope this helps you and I hope you enjoy Pinecraft as much as I do. I even have considered moving closer to it for retirement. It is just that nice! When visiting the area there is also a place East of I-75 on Fruitville Rd (same exit to go to Pinecraft, but Pinecraft is west). Fruitville Farms is a large farm and produce market with a sizeable selection of Amish goods. They owners are not Amish but are wonderfully kind, friendly and welcoming. The farm is somewhat of a petting farm with much for the kids to do and enjoy.

    2. Fred Hendricks

      Story for consideration

      Weaver Wagons
      Superb craftsmanship from custom designs

      By: Fred Hendricks

      Weaver Wagons are touted for their versatility by farmers toiling in the field, to trail bosses working the mountains or as a featured parade entry. The wagon’s usefulness spans the gamut from hauling firewood to sharing a joy ride with a few friends. Ervin Weaver could not have envisioned the success of this venture when he built the first wagon in 1994; a simple, but quality flatbed to haul hay.
      Ervin Weaver and his family operated a medium sized dairy farm along with other livestock near Dalton, Ohio. The proximity of their farm to Pioneer Equipment allowed Ervin to work at Pioneer until his oldest sons were able to be employed. Soon after building the first wagon bed, Ervin struck a business relationship with Pioneer. Through this arrangement, Pioneer began selling Weaver Farm Wagons on Pioneer manufactured gears. This worked well as Pioneer customers were eager to buy a nice wagon instead of building their own.
      The Weaver Farm Wagon market matured as a result of Pioneer’s expanded growth. This increased business provided the opportunity for Ervin’s sons to assist in the new venture. The product line increased to include; Hitch Wagons, Parade & Trail Wagons, Farm Wagons, People Haulers and more. They also built church benches and bench wagons for the greater plain community.
      On January 1, 2014, Ervin passed the business onto his sons, Emery and Vernon. “We were excited when dad offered the business to Vernon and me. With this transition, we changed the name from Weaver Farm Wagons to Weaver Wagons & Custom Designs, LLC,” Emery stated. Under the new ownership manufacturing facilities and capabilities have expanded. In addition, new products along with complimentary services were added, as you will learn.

      Weaver Wagons – page 2

      Quality Craftsmanship
      Craftsmanship is a Weaver family trademark. “Dad was in construction for fifteen years before he purchased the dairy farm. And then, he worked at Pioneer Equipment for several years before taking over the farm full-time. Dad’s experience in construction helped in building the first hay wagon. More importantly, he had a knack for building things durable and with great detail,” Emery indicated.
      Emery noted further, “I was ten years old when dad started the business as a sideline to farming. I grew up building wagons and it was something I always enjoyed. Working for dad was the only full time job I ever had. Vernon was employed full-time at Pioneer Equipment for fifteen years. He then came home to help in the shop and on the farm. Vernon and I were fortunate to work alongside dad and learn from his skillset,” Emery indicated.
      The Weaver brothers have divided responsibilities in critical aspects of the business. However, they start each day with a brief meeting to be sure everything is coordinated while maintaining the work schedule.
      Emery oversees the wood department, final assembly of the wagons along with the paint department. He also handles all aspects of marketing, sales and business administration.
      Vernon is the master metal machinist. His work and oversight includes, manufacturing fifth-wheel gears and wagon parts. Stainless steel has become an integral metal component that Vernon also supervises. Equipment to polish the stainless steel was recently installed as an alternative to chrome plated metal. “Stainless steel eliminates rust and corrosion associated with chrome. And, it looks every bit as good,” Vernon said
      The distinctive look of Weaver Wagons is accomplished through the use of poplar wood on the natural finished wagons. PVC material is used on the sides of the painted wagons to reduce cracking. “Our employee, John Zook, adds a complex eight-step paint process. An
      Weaver Wagons – page 3

      option is then offered for vinyl graphics that are done in-house. Or, Wayne Troyer, a freelance artist, hand-paints the pin-striping to complete the finishing touch,” Emery commented. With the expert paint process, Weaver Wagons appear to be made from metal. These thorough applications and finishing details provide the distinguishing qualities of Weaver Wagons.
      The company has maintained a working relationship with Pioneer Equipment, as Emery recounted; “We provide numerous services for Pioneer Equipment. These services include; manufacture of their buckboard, paint and assembling hundreds of wood shafts for their buggy gear along with painting their wood wheels. We also make the poly bench seat and the wood neck yokes that Pioneer sells.”

      Restoration Services
      While horse-drawn wagons may be built to last, deterioration of both wood and metal will result with age and usage. Acquiring a quality replacement wagon can be prohibitive in cost. Weaver Wagons has achieved an enviable reputation for their expert restoration services while keeping the costs in line.
      The quality of craftsmanship along with a reputation for a clean and organized shop attracts customers to their place of business. Emery explained, “We strive to provide a short turnaround time when we agree to a restoration project. We’ve had jobs come to us because other shops required a year and up to two years. Our dedicated team of employees can complete a job in a few months, depending on the difficulty.”
      The qualified team at Weaver Wagons has restored numerous hitch wagons. The most recent assignment was expertly completed for Fred Kiger of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. “As with many of our restored hitch wagons, we updated it by adding stainless steel hardware. The wagon received the expert hand-painted pin-striping treatment. We have restored a variety of horse-drawn units including, show carts, sleighs, Vis-à-Vis and others,” Emery related.
      Weaver Wagons – page 4

      When queried as to their most unique restoration challenge, Emery remarked; “The most unusual thing we ever restored was a horse-drawn aerial ladder wagon used in the early 1900s to fight fires. Tom Doyle, owner of The Little Wiz Fire and Historic Medina Museum in Medina, Ohio, delivered the wagon very bad shape. Tom asked that it be restored to original condition, if possible.”
      Emery reflected, “We first had to envision how the aerial ladder looked when it was new. We then set about making updates that included all new wood and sandblasting everything that was not replaced. Next, our eight-step painting process was applied. And finally, Wayne Troyer spent three weeks hand-painting the pin-striping. Once the job was completed, we had exceeded the owner’s expectations.”

      Family Heritage & More
      The Weaver Wagon business is situated in the heart of Ohio’s most heavily populated Amish community. As with all Amish, their ancestors migrated from Switzerland. Although the Weaver family has lived in Wayne County Ohio for several generations, they do not have record as to whether their ancestors were part of first Amish settlement in Pennsylvania or members of a group that settled directly in Ohio.
      During the early years, the manufacturing facilities were located on the farm that Ervin Weaver first acquired. Due to restricted space, painting was limited to a nice day when they could paint outdoors. They would roll out a large tarp in the front lawn where the painting was done. In 2016, an 11,000 square foot shop was built off the farm along the main highway. Although this additional space has resulted in more efficient production, further expansion is contemplated.
      New products are always under consideration at Weaver Wagons. “When we receive repeated requests for a particular product, we’ll do some market research to determine if it will be added. Sometimes
      Weaver Wagons – page 5

      we simply brainstorm an idea on what we think people could use and don’t know it until they actually see it. Once the new design is built, they are hitched and field tested. We want to make sure everything works properly before it’s made available for marketing. A new product in the works is a Conestoga Camping Wagon. This wagon is suitable at campgrounds and private lakes to rent like a cabin. Or simply used as a personal wagon,” Emery conveyed.
      Emery expressed gratitude for their relationship with Pioneer Equipment. “We are thankful for our connections with Pioneer through the years. Pioneer continues to acquire parts that we produce. In turn, we buy our gears from Pioneer. They also handle our foreign shipments which have now gone to six different countries. Manufacturing and marketing our respective products has been beneficial for both of our companies,” Emery shared.
      Weaver Wagons continues to experience steady growth. They credit many facets in realizing their success. “Our goal is to build relationships with each of our customers by delivering quality products and services. It is very satisfying to see a customer express pleasure in seeing their old piece restored to a condition that is better than when it was new,” Emery shared.
      He concluded, by saying; “We are thankful for the talents that we’ve been blessed with. And, the wonderful guidance we received from our family and friends along the way has been very helpful.”
      If you would like to learn more about Weaver Wagons, you may contact them; Phone: 330.857.7811 or E-Mail: Also, a Weaver Wagons website is scheduled for completion by the time this story is published. At that website, you can learn about their extensive wagon offerings, parts and services.

      About the author: Fred Hendricks of Bucyrus, Ohio, has a wealth of knowledge in agriculture. His freelance writing covers a vast array of subjects relating to agriculture. He may be contacted at email:

    3. Br.Jeremy

      Finding recent comments

      Trouble finding recent comments…Email gives
      but when the website comes up there seems to be no clear link to the
      comments or the search archives. Am notified but no connection appears.

    4. Br.Jeremy

      Email gives
      but when the website comes up there seems to be no clear link to the
      comments or the search archives. Am notified but no connection appears.

    5. Kathleen Meehan

      Mud sale February 28th

      What time does it start February 28th.

    6. photography basics

      Okay, so it is so simple, and i was believing so hard. thanks for info

    7. Richard A Damron


      I would like to send the Amish community information about myself and my work. I am a writer/author who would like to become associated with religions/churches/theologies. I will also provide examples of my work. I am asking for a contact and e-mail address but phone and postal mail would be fine. Thank You
      Richard A Damron

    8. Beverly

      Are Amish folks aware of the Corona virus?

      I am curious as to Amish folks having any knowledge about the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus that has taken the world by storm!
      If so, how would they handle their own heath care and those of their loved ones?

      Thank you!

      1. Hi Beverly, thanks for the question. In response I just did a full post on this:

        There are also some posts on the Amish and health care in general which I think would apply to the second part of your question:

    9. Sarah Heister


      I am looking for amish crew in Tennessee to do the roof around Knoxville.

    10. Jill Mcdugald


      About 1971-1973 I was in a foster home
      In Springfield Massachusetts. They
      Were amish or mennonite (I was 2-3)
      I remember my leg was broken and the father made me a wheelchair. They even
      Gave me my name Jill
      How can I find these people?
      Thank you

    11. Danielle


      Hi, I’m a nursing student right now and I have an assignment to interview a religious leader within The Amish community for our section on cultural diversity. How am I supposed to contact a religious leader? Should I provide my phone number to have someone call me? Or can I be given a phone number or email address (my professor assured me Amish people use email) so that I can contact them when I’m prepared with my questions? Please advise me on how to best complete my assignment. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Danielle, you would need to probably visit a community and ask to speak to a minister. They don’t use phones that often as you might know and a lot of it is face to face. Another option is find a phone number of a community near you and call an Amish business and see if they can advise you how to reach a minister in the community for the interview. I would just explain that it is for a medical research project; usually the Amish are pretty open to discussing health and medical topics. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just googling for a phone number, but with a little effort and reaching out it should be possible to do.

    12. Debra a Shepherd

      trees for building

      hi my name is Debbie shepherd I live in Whitestown Indiana…
      im writing in regards to two walnut trees that I have in the front yard and need them gone.. I was told by an insurance adjuster that Amish will, thru a process will take down the trees, and pay the owner of the property, a fee and they will take the wood to build furniture with the wood they cut down..
      I would like to know if this is a process that the Amish take part in and would appreciate any information you can provide to me..
      Could you please send info to my email……ank you.

      Thank You
      Debbie Shepherd

    13. Kim White

      Amish and Animals

      I am involved with animal rescue and am trying to gain information about the Amish and puppy mills/horse slaughter. I want to try to be open-minded that all Amish are not animal abusers. I am hoping you can help me with a question: Why are the most puppy mills located in Lancaster, PA, Holmes County, OH, and Missouri in which these places are known to be Amish communities? Why do the Amish sell their draft horses at New Holland Auction in PA to kill-buyers when they are no longer useful? How can they explain seeing their carriage horses standing outside, fully rigged, shivering in the dead of winter outside a store?

      I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

      Thank you in advance,

      Kim White

    14. Summer


      Do the Amish happen to volunteer their time helping English families in need? I have relatives who have a home in Rotterdam NY and they need help with getting their home repairs finished so their home will be livable. Their current living situation isn’t a healthy/safe one for their children. I am having a hard time finding information online on Amish communities that might be near them. They have all the materials they just need more hands to get the job done. They can’t afford to pay a crew and my brother n law can only do so much by himself.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated
      Thank you

    15. Judy

      Someone left a bunch of the January magazines on my porch


      A package of January magazines was left on my porch. Who or where do they go?

      I live on Linworth Rd in Worthington, OH.


    16. Nita M Daniels

      I am trying to find an email or phone number to reach Floyd R Miller. I am trying to find out more information on the Tri-County Amish Cemetery Directory if it is still available for purchase? I live just outside Chattanooga Tennessee and I have bother Yoder & Miller in my Lineage via my Great Grandparents and their daughter my Grandmother. I would love to have a copy to go along with my family tree that I am working on. Thank You for any possible help.

      Nita Daniels

    17. Ryan J Shank

      Amish reaction to the Indiana Klan

      There were between 250,000 and 300,000 male members of the KKK in Indiana (30% of native born white men) in the early 1920’s. By 1922 Indiana had the largest Ku Klux Klan organization nationally.

      Is there any known reaction by Indiana Amish communities with the rise of the Klan in Indiana during this time?

    18. Robin

      Do Amish Use Pork Products in their Cream Cheese of other Bake goods?


      Looking at your desserts on line and was wondering if you use pork products in your cream cheese and other bake goods

    19. Carol


      Why do you still have that “25 comments” statement over on the right-hand side of Amish America? I’m not seeing any new comments under that since January 2021!

    20. rick c rice

      not a reply a question But I am visiting amish country soon in ohio and want to know name of town that has huge paintings murals or billboard size artwork on its rooftops of its businesses they are so beautiful would love to see them again and show my 2 friends this my email is rickrice288 or phone 614 582 9782 thank you rick rice

    21. Jill Shepard


      I am not sure this is the right place to ask…

      We are taking a trip from Michigan to The Creation Museum and the Ark.
      Through highways 131,31,74

      Can you recommend any Amish stores, settlements etc we could visit along the way? We are going the end of May, 2021

      Thank you!!

      Dale and Jill Shepard

    22. Patricia Richard

      Dutch Door

      We are in need of having a Dutch Door made for the entry between our kitchen and dining room. I am wondering if there is any Amish able to do this for us around Murfreesboro TN.

    23. New story idea for AmishAmerica

      This past week marked the 7th year that Old Order Amish young adults have volunteered to do home repairs, roofing and ramps for poor, disabled, needy families in Mississippi. This is in addition to disaster cleanup and MDS, CAM, routine assignments. This past week saw 54 volinteers restore 25 homes. Its a story I would suggest worthy of coverage,let me know if you want IN, PA, OH leadrrship interviews? Larry Miller – MCon, MS

    24. Amish Tree Buyers in Michigan

      I have 10 acres of trees to sell. I heard the Amish were fair with people selling their trees. Can you recommend an Amish tree buyer
      to me? I have White Oak and Hickory and some really big trees and would like to sell them to an Amish Sawmill.
      Can you possibly point me in that direction?
      Thank you for your time.
      Ron Cober

    25. Alyce Jurgens Schenk


      How would I find a business to hire for painting concrete pool pad?

    26. Rich

      Two questions. About saying love you and Amish houses.

      I have know a amish family for like 6ys now. I am very close to them and i often tell the kids that i love them before i leave. But i noticed that they never say it back, nor have i heard thier parents say it to them. Is it something they don’y say, do they think its weird? Does it make them uncomfortable? Also should i stop saying i love you to them? I grew up in a large family, that always say i love you when we leave. Its a habit. I just don’t want to be doing something to make them uncomfortable. Also all this time i never been upstairs. Its like a part of the house, they don’t allow visitors why? Do they consider that a more private place?

    27. Angelika Jansen

      Invited to an Amish wedding


      I’m invited to an Amish wedding, but never met the community, as they are in Holmes County Ohio and I’m from Germany. I met the future husband and 3 of his friends 2 years ago in Alaska and we kept in touch.
      Now I got the invitation and I will fly over. But no clue about what to wear, which present etc. I asked them and they say, that all will be OK.
      But that I doubt…

      Any tips what I have to do or what I shouldn’t?


    28. Living among the Amish

      This may sound like a strange question, but here goes: Do the Amish ever have apartments or small homes that they would rent out to an outsider? I have a friend with a child that craves a much slower pace. Just to be away from the craziness of the outside world. Thank you-

    29. linda


      i am looking for area’s where i may fine quilting bees or shop’s that have ladies quilting in different area’s of United State’
      thank you

    30. Jack Lewis

      Feelings on impersonation or costume


      This may be a weird question and an answer to it doesn’t mean all feel the same. But what is the general opinion of people who would dress as a stereotypical Amish person as a costume? Would it be seen as offensive? If so why? Would there be a scale of less to more offensive? Could something be done to make it less?

      Thank you, Jack

    31. Alexandra Spears

      Family names

      Is Leighty an Amish name? My mother says we have Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry and I found I had a 4th-great-grandfather who was a Leighty from Lancaster County, PA. He later moved to Ohio.

      (Interestingly enough I was born and raised in the Detroit area and now live in Wayne County, Ohio.)

    32. Kris

      I need to build a house for my self in Bucks county PA

      I have a stupid question please
      How much per square foot is the cost of a house that you guys build ?
      Thank you

    33. Kim Nadeau

      Amish sawmill

      I am wanting to locate an Amish sawmill around Hillsdale county Mi for a project I am working on.


    34. Donate books to Amish library

      I have how to books on a lot of variety will you take them.

    35. Jo

      I want to spend some time with the Amish Community

      Hi, I am a 17 year old girl and I am interested in the Amish Community. I was raised a Baptist, but I now consider myself nondemoninational. In great part, due to school and being around non-Christians I feel like my innocence has been tarnished and I was wondering if it is possible to spend some time with the Amish Community without converting. I want to be around good people and be held accountable for my sins, which is hard to do when living in a world surrounded by non-Christians. I’m not sure if that kind of thing is allowed, but I would be interested in living with an Amish Community for a couple of months before going off to college so that when I do go I am stronger in my faith and better able to resist sinful temptations as well as have a greater appreciation for the beautiful world God created.

    36. john salecker


      I would like to get a copy of the Raber almanac. Do they have a website?

    37. Rosalind Dandrea

      Other Amish community in Michgan

      My son-in-law’s family owns a farm in Newaygo County, Michigan. An Amish family owns the farm next door to their farm and rents his family’s fields. There are a number of Amish families nearby because at the nearest road intersection there is a sign to watch for the Amish buggies.

    38. Steve Houpt

      Tiller gardening or tiller

      what is tilleres gardening and how do you do it

    39. Steve Houpt


      what is tilleres g and how do you do it

    40. Steve Houpt


      what is no-till and how do you do it

    41. Alberta Wells

      Mail Order

      I am very curious if any of the Amish stores in PA. sell their products on line? I am looking for their rag rugs. I thought I read that someplace, or maybe an English store sells Amish made items, which I do know we have to be careful with that also.Sometimes that is not a true thing..If anyone could help me with that I would appreciate it..Thank you Alberta

    42. Stew

      "The Great Reset"


      I was curious as to what the Amish views, if any, are on the World Economic Forum plans of a global reset of nature? Or even if they are aware of their plans?

      Most Christians that I know who look into it see it as Satanic, and not hyperbolically. They plan on a one world religion,one world currency and many of their other ideas are straight from The Book of Revelation, no shopping without a passport/mark etc. Too many things to list. I know many other Christians and even a couple atheists who’ve remarked on the accuracy of Revelations with their plans.

      Thank you


      Dog Breeders

      Interesting in purchasing a Golden Doodle from the Amish Community. My other granddaughter purchased a year ago a Golden Doodle and fell in love with the dog and I would like to purchase one. When and where? Love the breed, thank you

    44. Nate Johnson

      Mi acreage for sale Vermontville

      We have a home + acreage in Vermontville Michigan where several Amish families, businesses & auctions are. We’d like to sell our home and land to an Amish family. How is the best way to advertise to the Amish community in Michigan about our land? It would be wonderful for farming, building etc.

    45. Gary Dennis

      Martin Kendig

      I need help finding more information about Martin Kendig, who led the first Mennonites who settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1710/11. Kendig and four of his cousins purchased land from William Penn. Once the Lancaster County Mennonite community was established, Kendig returned to Germany/Switzerland to convince other Mennonites and Amish to come to the Pequea community in Lancaster County. A large part of the present-day Amish community in Lancaster County lives on land first purchased by Kendig. Do any of you know where I could find more information about this man?

    46. Italia Tornabene

      Looking for full time farmers

      Looking for full time Amish farmers. Does anyone know a way to contact them in Rome NY? Maybe write a letter?

      Thank you

    47. Jordan

      Amish slavery?

      Is there any record or reference to illegal slavery or criminal enslavement in the Amish community?

    48. Carrie L Harris


      I am looking to travel up north. I would love to visit the community. Could you send me so travel information and things to see and do.

    49. Linda May

      Spinning and Weaving

      I am interested in visiting a community where spinning and weaving still exist. I am looking for your input where I could visit.

      Thanking you in advance for your help.

    50. Bill Schaefer

      Family Life

      What is the current subscription rate for Family Life newsletter?