Another long-for-me hiatus from the blog–and a bit unplanned–last week, I was in Egypt for a 7-day trip (no, as far as I know, no Amish have settled Egypt yet, it was just a vacation I do from time-to-time) right at the time when the internet got zonked in the Middle East, something about an underseas cable being cut by a stray anchor, perhaps you heard about it?  Anyway, the old friend was down for the whole week…and I now can attest that it really is possible to go without it for short periods.  Really, withdrawal symptoms were not as severe as I’d expected. 

And I’ve just now flown in from Poland, getting home to NC two hours ago.  One of the first things I did was call and leave messages with Amish friends in Lancaster that I’m still coming.  I just got off the phone with ‘Abe’, and I’m now waiting for a call back from ‘David’.  Abe, an upbeat young farmer, sounded happy to hear that I’m heading up–I’m actually going to split time between his and David’s for the week.

I love listening to Abe’s messages when I call–he had just changed the intro to his voicemail to reflect the upcoming spring, complete with some choice sound effects in the background–what sounded like chirping birds.   

I asked Abe if he needed anything from NC, kind of a stupid question I guess.  ‘You got any fresh vegetables down there?’ was Abe’s response.  Lancaster has had a mild winter so far this year, but Abe says he’s getting ready for the spring and planting.  He is big into produce, while his father is a dairyman.

Barring a random severing of the internet connections into Amish country, look for posts from Lancaster County starting next Tuesday… 


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