For a nice account of yesterday’s Forgiveness Conference at Elizabethtown College, try this Lancaster Online article.

Highlights included a very good talk and discussion from Duke Divinity school professor L. Gregory Jones (“Forgive and forget” is not exactly helpful advice), a personal account from Charles Roberts’ mother Terri (whose first reaction on hearing of the shootings was fear her son might have tried to intervene and was injured), and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the issues the authors of Amish Grace struggled with, ranging from choosing a title and cover photo to the ethics of writing about such a tragedy.

There was a high Amish presence at the conference. I estimated around 4-5 dozen Amish attendees at least, including locals from Pennsylvania and visitors from Ohio and Indiana.

I also appreciated the Nigerian Brethren visitors who led discussion in interesting directions, providing perspective from a region where Christians aren’t always tolerated.

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