Dropped something

I’ve just gotten back from Lancaster County after what felt like 2 days in the car driving home yesterday (trucks can be bumpy on highways). I’m going to catch up on comments now and will be sharing more as I settle back into English America for a couple days here before the next trip begins.

Dropped Something PA
This photo of a friend of mine was taken a couple of days ago in Lancaster Co. What in the world is going on here? 🙂

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      1. Bingo Stephanie…the egg ought to stay on the spoon longer than it did here though 😉

    1. On horseback? I don’t think I could do that!

    2. Char

      Fried eggs!

    3. Carolyn B

      Scrambled eggs. 🙂

    4. The contestant would probably have done better with more cooperation from the horse.

      1. Forsythia I didn’t hear him blaming the horse, to his credit. Actually I can’t remember what he blamed it on…seems it was something though. Maybe a sabotaged egg?

    5. ben riehl

      A lot of these dropped eggs were later thrown at the ubiquitous and slightly obnoxious rodeo clown by the horseback contestants . Lucky that the clown had a motor scooter to get away

      Yonie wondernose

    6. humdinger
      1. Stay tuned for photos of aforesaid clown, Yonie and humdinger. He was quite the gentleman and had an excellent vehicle to boot.

        It was fun to see the big turnout for this event. For those that didn’t have the pleasure of attending there were quite a few other events including a barrel slalom (it had a different name but that’s what I’m calling it) and cattle penning. I had to leave before the best events started happening, or at least that’s what humdinger told me.

    7. LeeAnn

      Would have loved to watch this race. I have heard of the egg and spoon race, but never watched it.At least not by horse. On two legs yes.

      Erik, can you clue us in on events that will happen in Pinecraft this winter? Im going there this fall and hope to get in on some events.

    8. OldKat

      Your friend ...

      is mounted on a very nice looking horse, at least from what I can see. Appears to be a Quarter type gelding, but could be a mare … can’t really get a good enough look at the head / face to say for sure. Either way looks like it was a fun day.

      I take it that your friend is Amish. I didn’t realize that horseback riding was practiced by the Amish in that part of the country.

      1. Yes he is Oldkat…there are probably more horseback riders than you’d think, or at least than I thought, in Lancaster. There were a healthy handful of Amish participants at this event, both male and female.

    9. Alice Mary

      What next, horseback water balloon fights?

      1. Horseback paintball battle 🙂

      2. OldKat

        Ha ha ha ...

        Hey, I’ve DONE THAT! Not in over 40 years though.

        We also played “horse”; you know, like kids in a swimming pool who sit on each other’s shoulders and try to dunk their opponent who is also sitting on someone’s shoulders? Well, we rode our horses into a big wide, but relatively shallow creek and played our version of “horse”. Funny thing is the horses actually seemed to get into the game. They were great about it. The park ranger at the county park where were playing it wasn’t all that amused though. He threw us out. I had completely forgotten about that until you mentioned water balloons on horseback.

        My high school senior class has a deal where a bunch of us get together any time there is a month with a 5th Friday. Tomorrow night is a 5th Friday for us. I hope some of the folks (guys and gals) that played water balloons and “horse” with me at Spring Creek Park all those years ago show up. That will give us something to reminisce about! Thanks for the memory jolt …

    10. Alice Mary


      I just noticed an Amish lady in the background, and it doesn’t look like she’s riding side saddle! Why, that seems a little shocking to me…or am I just an old prude when it comes to New Order Amish fun & games?

      Alice Mary

      1. All the female riders rode normally, and they had to for the maneuvers they had to execute during some of the events.

    11. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      If I may, I’m going to borrow a name of one of the kids from the David and Miriam video for a caption, only because I think it’s a cool name.

      “Sadie the horse loved her poached eggs so much that this was the moment Benuel decided his method wasn’t the best way to carry his lunch.”

      “Darnit, we haven’t even gone five minutes!”

      “This is all the soup my wife packed me, gosh!”

      “Those Chinese guys sure love them funny spoons.”

      “Jacob did some of his best thinking eating lunch on horseback”

      “Next step on the slippery slope for Marvin: Texting while riding”

    12. Linda

      Do they use raw or cooked eggs?

    13. Jackie

      Where in lancaster was this and what was it? A Amish Rodeo perhaps? I was in lancaster this past weekend and would have loved to see this event. My husband and I were actually discussing that you dont see many Amish riding horses. I told him I thought it was frowned upon. I guess I was very wrong!

      1. Hill Brook Rodeo

        Well Jackie, it probably is by some Amish, while in some communities it’d be more accepted. You still don’t see many Amish riding too regularly outside of events like this. That may change over time.

        This was a rodeo event at the Hill Brook rodeo south of the town of Honey Brook (Beaver Dam Road). They have similar events each Monday in season, though this was apparently the big final one.

        Here’s the website:

    14. Jackie

      Thanks! Maybe I will check it out next time!