Do the Amish vote? (Video)

So this is a question that comes up every two-to-four years (not surprisingly, more frequently during presidential election years). I’ve covered it a lot here before (see this article: Do Amish vote? for one example), but a viewer on the YouTube channel requested a video on it. So here you have it. In the video I discuss:

  • Do Amish vote in elections?
  • Why do relatively few Amish vote?
  • What efforts have been made to “get out the Amish vote”?
  • Which Amish are more likely to vote?
  • Which political party do they tend to support?

I’ll be honest: politics & elections are not my favorite topic, but hopefully the video will be useful for those who are curious about this.

As I note in the video, some Amish do vote, but tend to vote in much smaller numbers than non-Amish Americans (perhaps 10% in some communities; in others it would essentially be 0%).

You can also read an interesting article on the subject by Donald Kraybill & Kyle Kopko here, looking at Amish & the 2004 election.

I hope you enjoy the video. Runtime: 6:41.

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