Do Amish have wings?

My Amish friend Aaron recently informed me of a curious entry into the Red Bull Flugtag contest.

But first, Aaron had to explain what Flugtag actually is.

Flugtag is a “flight” competition the Austrian energy drink* maker puts on each year.

Teams ride homemade contraptions down a 30-foot high ramp, jumping and soaring into water below.  “Flugtag” (pronounced “flewg tallg”) means “fly day” in German, and fits well with the company’s slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”.

In any case, it looks like there is an Amish buggy entry into this year’s Sep. 4 contest near Philadelphia:

amish flying buggy
"Ack, no I don't read Chinese either. I think this goes here?"

No telling if aeronautical carriages will end up the next hot item in Amish buggy shops.  It did give me a chance to recall Amish rules on flying, however.

*Aaron and I have struck upon a foolproof business plan.  We are coming up with a Lancaster County-themed energy drink.  Look, it had to happen sometime.

My business partner and I are currently accepting nominations for names.  So far we have thunk up “Red Mule” and “Yoderade”.

Somehow, I’m not sure those are going to cut it.  Help us out with ideas, would you?

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    1. I forgot one: Half Throttle

      Okay, so we’re not marketing geniuses here 😉

    2. Kim

      Horse Power??

      Straw Hat?? Wait! That’s a taco salad. Things have funny names in Iowa.

      Ferhoodled Brew?? For the longest time I thought Red Bull was an adult beverage. 🙂

      I’ll stay up late thunking about this. I am sure of it.

    3. Katie, Kim, thank you for thunking about this. Kim I like all of yours but Horse Power is nice in its simplicity. There could be a few flavors and the stronger versions could be rated more horses, for instance.

      Maybe I can get Aaron chiming on here to see what he thinks. And please thunk away! Let us know if you thunk anything else up 😉

    4. Katie Troyer

      Yoderade sounds more Amish.

    5. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Slogans for if you wanted to do an Amish energy drink with the name “Kerosene”:
      “Kerosene – for those who want to go slowly, quicker.”
      “Kerosene – it’s what fuels ye.”
      “Kerosene – Makes a 3 hour Amish sermon feel like an hour of Quaker silent worship”
      “The drink of Rumspringa – Kerosene”
      “Don’t let the English have any, they’d put it in their rocket ships.” [according to my word processor’s dictionary kerosene or kerosine is “a light fuel oil obtained by distilling petroleum, used especially in jet engines and domestic heating boilers; paraffin oil”]
      I’ll think of more too, or something different.

    6. I like it…now we’re starting to cook 🙂

      may need to abbreviate to KERO for the ‘edgy’ factor

    7. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      “Kero, it’s a Rumspringa in your mouth”

    8. A couple entries I’ve received from other sources: SCHROCKet, and SNORT (I think that 2nd one is equestrian-related). not too shabby

    9. Jconrad

      Love Yoderade! Shrocket works. Or maybe CHURN – you know, like butter. Something for us hard working ladies!

    10. Kim

      Corner Ball-as good as the real thing.

      Yes, I am being punny with a reference to Coca-Cola and the game.

      PEDAL- Gives you energy to sew like you mean it. OK, that’s probably corny…

    11. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Just a name I thought up; “Modest-ea”

    12. Mary

      LOL! @ “PEDAL- Gives you energy to sew like you mean it.” ! 🙂 (with memories of my Grandmother)

    13. CHURN–nice–the female version of SNORT?? 😉

      How about “PLOW STAR”??

    14. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Veering dangerously off topic, “Plow Star” sounds like a reality television series in line with international programs like “Pawn Stars”. Maybe some film friendly Amish (or perhaps New Orders) should do a season and see how it works.

    15. I’m sure there have been stranger ideas.

    16. Ben Riehl

      Schrocket and whoopie pies. Best thing since eggs and bacon


    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      For a drink call it “Yoke”
      Yeah, it sounds like “Coke” if only for similarity, but nicely Amish, I think.

    18. Shianne

      Possible Drink name

      Amish Strength it can be an energy drink that when you drink it you feel as strong as the Amish men, until it wears off of course

    19. Shianne

      Possible Drink name idea no. 2

      Farmhands “Farm tasting goodness in your hands”

    20. Ada/KJV Conservative

      I looked up the most popular 15 energy drinks. So here goes:

      Montag Energy Drink (Monster Energy Drink)

      Ach (Amp)

      Wie-geht-es [We-ge-us] (VPX)

      (My grandma’s full German, so I’ve learned that “Montag” means “Monday.” Every thing else, I used Google Translator.)

      (Pretty sorry puns, but hey, it’s an effort!)

      In Christ,

      1. Ada/KJV Conservative

        Montag Energy Drink: Give your Monday some fuel.

        So sorry for the intellectual pain I’m inflicting upon ya’ll! 😉


        1. Since I’ve been off coffee for about a week, I could use a Montag right about now. I guess you’re allowed to drink them on Fridays 🙂

      2. Ada/KJV Conservative

        Possible Correction

        Excuse me, I think that I was wrong. The alternate for VPX is probably pronounced as VEE-GAES (How are you?/How’s it going? in German. I was taught to say it, but not spell it.). My bad!


    21. Ada/KJV Conservative

      Ad Against My Own Ad

      “Ist Gut”- Ist Gut is good for those suffering from “Montag”