Cow Caption Voting & Follow-up Photos

cow-standoffAs promised, today we have the finalists in the cow photo caption contest.  It was too difficult to choose just 5 from the many creative entries you submitted, so I upped it to 7 finalists.  What do you know, cows are inspiring creatures.

Vote below, and I’ll announce the winner in the comments section here on Thursday.  I’ve also got a follow-up photo showing how the scene in the original shot played out.  The ladies were outnumbered, but won the day:


This scene is hardly uncommon, as some commenters, like Connie Kiers, observed:  “This is not such an odd occurrence. I have stood on the road many times when it was time to bring the cows home for milking, or when it was time to move the cows from one pasture to another. The road watcher has to make sure that cars are aware of the cows coming down the road AND that none of them make a break and run.”  Harder than it looks, folks.

There is also one related photo.  This sign was recently seen tacked onto a roadside utility pole on an Amish produce grower’s farm.  It reads “horses are not loose”.  The owner “was tying his horses to the outside of his fence and put up this sign either yesterday or today. He must have been getting reports from passersby that his horses were loose.”


I think all things being equal, a loose horse is a bigger challenge than a loose cow…but a loose bull beats them both.

Now to the voting (you can vote for a maximum of 2 captions):


[poll id=”12″]

*A reader explains:  In case someone is not familiar with the German/Pennsylvania Dutch saying, “Was ist los?”, it is usually asked as a greeting with a meaning of, “What’s up?” or “What’s happening?” or “What’s wrong?” However, the literal translation of “vass iss los” means “What is loose?” The caption is a cute and very fitting play on words.

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    1. Also wanted to add on a more somber note that I woke this morning to news of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this disaster.

    2. Erin

      My vote is for Beth and Sarah.

      Very devastating newsou of OK. My husband gives me a hard time about my interest in the Amish. He’s as much fascinated in tornadoes as I am about the Amish. I have always told him that at least my interest is peaceful and isn’t destructive. Prayers to all affected by this mass destruction.

    3. Forest

      Hi Erik,
      Not that it matters, but I believe #7 was mine


      1. Yikes, sorry Forest. I had Debbie in my semi-finalists list too, and I think I must have switched your names. Just fixed it.

    4. Debbie H

      I vote for Slightly handled older man and Adolph Williams. Very creative what fun.

    5. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      well played everyone [moo]

      Good luck to every one of the finalists.
      I think that everyone who made an entry in this contest should be applauded.
      Amish America has a great com-moo-nity and it is a pleasure to read everyone’s replies.

    6. Melissa Hedge

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers...

      Erik, I live in SW OKC, just a few miles as the crow flies from where the tornado went thru…your prayers and those of your readers are greatly appreciated. I have many friends who live, or work, in the path of the storm. All but one has been accounted for.

      1. Melissa I am glad to hear the death toll that I was seeing earlier of 91 people seems to have been over-reported.

        1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

          On a side note, are any Amish communities going to the tornado affected areas to help out.

    7. Kevin L.

      Like you I pray for all the victims of the tornado’s in OK. It is devestating. As far as this contest I like both Forest’s amd Slightly handled-order-man’s best, although all of them are good!

      1. OldKat

        Good choices all

        First off, yes it is right to remember & pray for those were lost, injured and/or had their lives uprooted in Shawnee and Moore, Ok. Sturdy folks; those Okies. We rag on them in Texas … as they do us, but you will never go to a place where you will meet a more wonderful group of people than those you meet in Oklahoma. I really mean that.

        As to the choices at hand;they are all good, all really clever. May be tipping my hand here as to my favorite, but Grandma Esh was RIGHT where she needed to be to turn that set of Belted Galloway cows down the lane to her left. From what I can see of them that is a really nice little set of females (bovine females that is!).

    8. annmarie

      Great hard to choose.. My vote is for Linda and Beth. LOTS of prays going out to Ok.

    9. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I’m not sure how Erik has his settings at the end of the article, but since this poll has been up I’ve been seeing a timely and cute advertising slogan “Milk Unleashed”, that could have made a clever caption. I suppose its geared to advertising for your market, I see their website is a “.ca” one, so its geared to those of us from Canada.

      1. That’s neat Shom. Yes the advertising served by Google is contextual so it is based on content on the page and also the local market. But yes it’s almost like the advertiser was playing too 🙂

    10. Forest, looks like you are the winner! Email me your mailing address ( and will get your two publications sent out to you.