Just hopped over the pond from Poland, and quite jet-lagged (20 hours, 3 planes!) but glad to be here in one piece.  Will have the next installment from Aaron Miller tomorrow (preview: it’s on freedom of choice in Amish society.  Aaron, as usual, has some interesting things to say).

In the meantime, I wanted to ask a  quick favor–checking my email I noticed that a proposal I made to a site called Change This was accepted for voting.

Change This is an unusual and interesting site which publishes so-called “manifestos” on business, technology, and related topics.  While I can’t vouch for all those listed on the site, many seem quite useful.

They’re basically short articles outlining useful ideas–recent ones have covered ideas as diverse as eliminating busywork and how to read a business book effectively.

Anyway, if my proposal on Amish business finishes among the top in voting (there are 10 total), I get to write it and have it posted on the site.

In a blinding flash of inspiration, I happened upon a particular idea last week, which I thought a bit unusual and possibly a quite interesting topic.

If you want to check it out, and maybe even throw me a quick vote (would be MUCH appreciated), you can have a look here (update: contest now over).  Thanks!!

UPDATE:  It sounds like you may need to register at Change This if you’d like to submit a vote.  I know, not as simple as just clicking, but it takes about 30 seconds and they won’t use your information for anything but making sure you’re a real bona fide human person, and not a fake person or a robot that studies the Amish, or something.

UPDATE 2: Contest over.  Success Made Simple won.  Thanks!!

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