Colorado Amish settlement

This AP story about Amish in Colorado (no longer online) describes the experience of Amish families who’ve headed west for lower-priced land.  The few hundred who have settled in Colorado are still a tiny portion of the total Amish population.  Amish have settled new areas for a variety of reasons, including land prices.  With Colorado averaging $1400 per acre versus $6000 in Pennsylvania, the westward trend may very well continue.

West of the Mississippi, Amish can be found in Kansas, Montana, Iowa and other states.  The largest ‘Western’ settlement is that of Seymour, Missouri, with around a dozen church districts as of 2008.  Read more on Colorado Amish in the Amish State Guide.

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    1. Amy

      We just moved to Wichita, Kansas. I dress plain and wear headcovering so I really appreciate the Amish people and their godly way of life. I have read about a settlement in Yoder, Kansas, not too far away from us. Do you know where the main areas are in the state where the Amish are settled? I so enjoyed visiting Ohio Amish country when we lived near there, and would love to visit anywhere here where they live! I really like your site. Thanks.

      1. world peace


        i read about amish and there are lot of stereotypes like Amish does not use modern tech ( wondering how you can use internet )

        the simple living is embraced in far east as well for thousands of years.

        i am from east and recently learned about amish.keep happy.

    2. Emele

      I was actually just speaking to another lady online who said that she had a new community of Amish near her in Maine. I was so surprised! Then I remembered about the Amish in Colorado and felt silly. I figured that they were probably escaping landlocked New York, etc. in her case.