Caption this: Warmer times

Andy sends in the photo below, taken in warmer times in the vicinity of Jamestown, New York.
Amish Boater

I’ve got 2 copies of the 2012 Amish Woodworkers of America guide for the 2 best captions. This latest edition of the guide includes a short piece I wrote on Amish furniture businesses.

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  1. Marcus Yoder

    The new airstream camper for 2012
    Marcus Yoder

  2. Sharon

    Ma and Pa are draggin’ the Winnebago….

  3. Char

    The Amish Navy prepares for action.

  4. Gone Fishin' Caption

    gone fishin’!

  5. Andre Leveille


    Sister is on her way to do ministry in the city.

  6. Fisher's Of Men

    Heading for the City

  7. Marvin Mohler

    Busy Day

    Hey, all work & no play makes Jack a bad boy. 🙂

  8. Marilyn from NY

    It’s one of those all in one units.


  9. Eli

    The real trick is getting the horse harnessed up to the boat and into the lake once you get there.

  10. Wm Justice

    Whatever floats your buggy!

  11. Brett

    Go Ahead…Bring on the hailstorm.

  12. Rose Goddard

    It’s time to Go Fishing.

  13. Marilyn

    We enjoy gettin’ away too!

  14. Patsy

    What is everybody looking at!

  15. John Telford

    Amish life-saving core rush to a lake rescue

    Amish life-saving core rush to a lake rescue

  16. Loretta T

    Comment on Ccption this: Warmer times

    Learning to Mainstream

  17. Allyson L

    Have boat….will travel!!!

    1. Darlene

      Hahahaha!! This one made me laugh out loud!

  18. Gene


  19. TJ

    Sorry Emanual I couldn’t find the umbrella we are gonna have to use the boat for shade.

  20. Sara Rudolph

    Caption :-)

    We are ready for Sandy- flip us over and we are an Ark!

  21. Keith coalter


    A fishin we shall go!

  22. Mary Peck

    DOT Laws apply to Amish too.

    Logged too many horse hours this week. Its time for the Boat!

  23. Sherry KD

    gone clamming. A fun time that dosen’t cost any money.

  24. Cynthia Palmatier

    Loaded up and truckin'

    Westbound and down….loaded up and truckin’

  25. Ivan Gromling

    Comment on caption this

    The New 2013 style buggy made in Lancaster PA

  26. humdinger

    A “Buggy” Canoe!

  27. Margaret

    Daniel, I knew you should have turned left at that last corner. This isn’t the way to the lake!

  28. Alice Mary

    “It’s all about aerodynamics, Sarah!”

    (I liked Eli’s & Beth R’s captions…:) )

    Alice Mary

  29. Carolyn B

    Timely topical captions

    I vote for the two captions which feature Hurricane Sandy. Very topical today.

  30. Loretta


    Slipping away…

  31. Amy Laura
  32. TOM-GA

    warmer days

    Leak stopper, shade rocker

  33. Slightly-handled-Order-man

    “Except for the color of the boat this fishing trip fits with all the rules of the Ordnug, we even grew our own worms so we won’t have to buy them from an English bait shop.”

    “After a fishing trip with his brother Amos, Jacob was struck by lightening while portaging his canoe, with his head fused to the canoe, and became America’s most unassuming superhero, Mr. Amish Canoe-Head!”

    “Recycling in the Amish community, the family saw a rickety old boat and thought it was perfect for a new trough.”

    [I should explain, Mr. Canoe-Head was a sketch in a comedy television series on CBC called “The Frantics’ Four On The Floor” featuring the guy who went on to immortality as Bill Smith on the Red Green Show, Rick Green.”

  34. Brad Igou

    Photo caption

    I am ready for Hurricane Sandy

  35. John Robert

    Take Me To The River

    We go down to the river and flip it over
    into the water. Makes a great Amish houseboat,
    complete with a one horsepower motor.

  36. Lance

    Are you sure this is enough boat to float the buggy after the hurricane gets here?

  37. Tom Geist

    Multiple Captions

    The Amish version of dressing up for Trick Or Treating.

    It’s no ark, be we like to call it home.

    – “Row row row you buggy…”

    Is that Andy in back of us taking our picture? Oh No! Erik is going to put us in his contest!

    – “If I had a boat, I’d float it in the morning…I’d float it in the evening, all over this land…”

    Jacob went to vote. He had heard that if he did vote he would be up a creek with his bishop.

    At least we didn’t put our dog on the top, like some English seem to do.

    The Lord is not only my shepherd and my co-pilot, He is also the Captain of my ship.

  38. Lot of good captions here 🙂 I didn’t even think of the potential Hurricane Sandy associations when I put it in. Hope that water doesn’t get too high for folks in the path.

  39. Linda

    “Is there a silver alert on about us?”

    “Someday I’ll have silver hair on my head, but for now the silver lining for me is that I have a silver-topped buggy.”

  40. Slightly-handled-Order-man

    You okay? [in all seriousness - "Sandy"]

    I feel compelled to ask if all the readers of Amish America are alright and not negatively impacted by “Hurricane Sandy?” I hope everyone is safe, dry and well.

  41. Linda

    “The hat size or cap-size of this buggy is Narrow, Extra Long.”

    “Out of gas.”

  42. Slightly-handled-Order-man

    “I had my hands in the river, my feet back up on the banks
    Looked up to the Lord above and said, Hey, man, thanks
    Sometimes I feel so good I got to scream
    She said, Gordie, baby, I know exactly what you mean
    She said, she said, I swear to god she said…” [The Tragically Hip song lyrics for “New Orleans Is Sinkin’”]