Caption contest: Cows

Amish Cows

The above was taken in northern Indiana. Your captions welcome. The best will get an Amish Woodworkers’ Guide and a back-copy of The Connection magazine.

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  1. Juanita Cook

    Head em up moo em out cow hide.

    1. Rose Goddard

      Caption Contest: Cows

      Ha ha ha, Jaunita, I really like your Caption!!!

  2. Forest

    They had her badly outnumbered, but Grandma Esh wasn’t backing down…

  3. Rose

    Caption Contest: Cows

    We’re on the trail- keep em moving

  4. TOM-GA


    the drovers and their two wheel horse.

  5. Patsy Houston

    Don’t just stand there, moooove!

  6. Millie

    WHOA There, BESSIE

    Where to y’all think you’re going?

  7. Sandra

    cow don't wanna go to work!

    “okay girls where do you think you are going? It is time to get to the milk barn and get to work now!”

  8. Caroline - NH

    Comment on Caption Contest : Cows

    OK, which one of you put the hole in the fence?

  9. Eli S.

    The suspect was nabbed by a Moooving roadblock in Amish country.

  10. Tom Geist

    So you think you can moo….

  11. Sadie


    Book Review: It wasn’t until the middle of the book that the plot really started moo-ving along.

  12. Greg Miller

    Madagascar, Indiana

    I’d like to moove it, moove it

  13. Between a rock and a hard place

    “Burger King”

  14. Maggie Austen


    Don’t Make Me Come Down There. Get in your house now!

  15. OK, we got a bull in the barn who wants to meet Gertie. Which one of you girls is Gertie?

  16. Lauren Futch - North Carolina

    “Eat mor chikin”

  17. Donna Vincent

    Milking time

    I said it was time for milking and I mean it so get to the barn NOW!!!

  18. cow caption

    What part of “single file” do you not understand?

  19. mary


    The Blue Light Special Sale starts in 10 minutes

  20. Connie Kiers

    caption comment on cows

    Milking time

    (This is not such an odd occurrence. I have stood on the road many times when it was time to bring the cows home for milking, or when it was time to move the cows from one pasture to another. The road watcher has to make sure that cars are aware of the cows coming down the road AND that none of them make a break and run).

  21. brett musser

    Cow Caption

    Jebidiah, You know good and well I told you to call before you invited guests for dinner!!

  22. brett musser

    Cow Caption

    Jebidiah, You know good and well I told you to call before bringing guests home for dinner!!

  23. Kris McCoy

    Now if only I could get them to turn left. . .

  24. Linda

    Grazy Cross Country Steakout

    If I can get my thoughts cow-lected that I herd through the bo-vine, we cud chew the cud. These cows are not quite the moo-dy Whole-stains; they look like Belted Galloway cattle, also known as Oreo Cookie Cows. They aren’t from Mos-cow or Moo-ssouri, but they are de-calfinated. It’s amoosing that their horns don’t work, and they have nowhere to hide. No whey are they going to the mooovies. Some people pasture-eyes the milk. The steaks are high for the stock-holders. Butter not be the laughing stock, but it gives udder delight to milk it for what it’s worth. Got milk?

    1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      This one really made me laugh this morning. Moo-velous, Linda.

  25. Final 5 voting tomorrow

    Some funny responses here. I am disqualified from playing but the two that came to mind were “Bovine Boulevard” and “Woman vs. Cow”. We’ll have voting on the final 5 tomorrow.

  26. Terry Berger


    “Still waiting for the cows to come home.”

  27. Leon Hadden


    “So now, you want to come in and have some heart to heart touches, huh?