Can Amish divorce? Remarry?

In this new video I look at Amish beliefs on marriage, divorce, separation, and marrying again.

Do Amish permit divorce? What about remarriage? Are there unhappy marriages and what happens? Runtime 4:22.


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    1. Pat Monti

      Can Amish Divorce? Remarry?

      Erik, you shared some great points. Amish do have many of the same challenges we English do.

      Oftentimes many people tend to idealize Amish and their lifestyle. They are human like the rest of us. As a result, everything isn’t always perfect or imperfect.

      1. Thank you Pat. Good points. I think it’s really easy for people to idealize from a distance and I can’t really blame them if they’ve only experienced the Amish from far off. Meeting and getting to know the people helps remind they are human too.

    2. Pat Monti

      Can Amish divorce? Remarry?

      You’ve made some good points also, Erik. Since we’ve been around them for numerous years, we definitely don’t idealize them. Frankly there was a time we did more so than we have for quite awhile now. As I’m always stating—there’s good and bad Amish and English both.

    3. Awesome content and insights that everyone can refer through it.