Stoltzfus House Project Progressing

Nicholas stoltzfus

AAP has just informed me of progress on the Stoltzfus House project, which seeks to build a barn-museum at the restored home of Nicholas Stoltzfus.

Stoltzfus was an 18th-century Amishman whose descendants number one million, and to whom roughly 98% of Lancaster Amish are related.

I wrote a bit about Stoltzfus House after attending a benefit event in Intercourse last summer.

Seems like the project is well on its way, but needs a bit of extra help to get to the finish line.  Of the $300,000 price tag, about $60,000 is still needed.  To learn more or contribute, go to

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    1. Ruben

      Hee, I was at that benifit dinner too! With Put Sam and Hansi S.

      Do you remember the kid that spoke on the N. Stoltzfus European background…? He finished up his college history degree, do you know where he landed in the new school year? And do you remember his name?

    2. Hi Ruben, I believe that is Zachary Stoltzfus, who is the son of the Stoltzfus Meats owner if I’m not mistaken?

    3. And I just realized, maybe I should have titled this post “Calling all Stoltzfi…”?