BUSINESS:  Interesting profile of an Amish agribusiness in BusinessWeek.  With the rise of entrepreneurship Amish have increasingly taken a rationalized approach to farm output as well, which in some communities means greater attention paid to diet and nutrition, use of artificial insemination, and other means of upping dairy production.

There has also been an upswing in the number of specialized non-dairy ag businesses, such as organic produce growers, or in this case, a diversified farm operation featuring everything from grass-fed beef to cabbage juice.

BIRDS: Birding is a popular pastime among Amish.  An Amishman has made an unexpected sighting of an Arctic species on his Texas farm.  To be honest, to my untrained eyes it doesn’t look like much, but apparently is drawing a crowd of those in the know.

Amish birdwatchers may keep lists of birds sighted and even travel far-afield in pursuit of new finds.  It’s a nice hobby and a natural fit for the Amish, combining family, nature and the outdoors.

AND: Chris Armstrong of Christianity Today shares a selection of interesting articles taken from a 2004 special issue on Anabaptists, including on “Medieval Amish”.


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