Built for speed

Amish speed carriage

Thanks to Rick for this photo of a Lancaster County Amish carriage.  It’s not uncommon to see ‘young bucks’ out and about in these speedier models.  Here’s another shot from this summer:

Amish carriage

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    1. Looks like a model from the movie Ben Hur, not that they would have watched it. Now for a nice white horse. 😉

    2. That is essentially a breaking jig. Primarily used for training driving horses, but some people use them regardless of how well trained their horse may be. I had one nearly identical to the one in the picture, except that mine had no fenders.

      The driver and passenger would mount the vehicle from the rear, and crawl over one of the seats (which folds down to allow easy access).

    3. snaffle

      I think those are meadowbrook carts. They are commonly seen in horse shows.

    4. snaffle said;
      I think those are meadowbrook carts. They are commonly seen in horse shows.

      Yes. I think that I have heard them called by that name, but I never knew if that was the name of the company that built them or if that was a style of cart.

      Very simple, and fairly durable. I have seen variations with wicker boxes under the seat and with a wicker dashboard. I bought mine from a guy that had bought it at a sale in Ohio, so never knew the true origon. Sold it with a Shire gelding that I had at the time. Wish I had it back.

    5. Cheryl Moore

      Would ou know od a good horse trainer with the Amish in Missouri or Kansas?