Buggy-eye view

The Amish buggy rear-view.  Next Tuesday will be traveling to Lancaster County for a week’s visit.  Expect more views like this.

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    1. Grandma Amy

      Though I am ready for spring here near Illinois Amish country, I love this shot! “an aaaahhhh inspiring experience” at the end of a very long and stressful day. thank you so much…….

    2. Brian Hindman

      Beautiful shot! Interesting diagonal composition, inspiring light and colors. I can smell the cold, crisp air all the way down here in Louisiana. And thanks for posting the photo this large (more often, please!).

    3. Csarina

      oooohhhhhh a covered bridge, lovely picture…..

    4. Glad you liked it! And Brian you’re giving me too much credit, but thank you!

    5. It’s a good guess, but not the one–Cocalico is a very scenic spot as well. Will give you another shot though, if you want it!

    6. Monica

      Zook’s Mill bridge? Just a guess…

    7. Ann Whitaker

      Erik, thanks for a wonderful pause in my day . . . a feel the gentle sway and hear the clip/clop!