Brown Eggs

Amish Brown Eggs

Another photo that could probably use a caption. Though I’m drawing a blank on those shoes…  Taken in the Holmes County Amish settlement.

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  1. These eggs are so cheap yet good, the last person lost their shoes running to buy 2 dozen! Richard

  2. Robin

    True story … when we lived in Rhode Island, brown eggs were much more available than white eggs. My daughters called them Chocolate Eggs!! They really are beautiful dyed. I’ve used them every Easter for years.

  3. Karen S.

    Brown eggs are normally the result of chickens referred to as “Rhode Island Reds”.
    Brown eggs and “shoe” fly pie !

  4. “We will not be undersoled.”

  5. yonie wondernose

    Come git em cowboy

  6. Roberta

    Blue eggs at second farm.

    1. OldKat

      It's Blue ... Blue Suede Shoes.

      You almost stole my thunder there, Roberta. While I am nowhere near being creative enough to come up with a catchy caption, I will ask: if the shoes are brown and they sell brown eggs, do they use white shoes if they are going to sell white eggs? What if they had Araucana chickens? Would they advertise with blue suede shoes? Carl Perkins does the egg business … what a concept!

      For those unfamiliar:

  7. linda

    brown eggs

    Stephanie Reed. That caption was purfect.Way to go.

  8. Alice Mary

    Brown eggs

    “Get your kicks (and brown eggs) at first farm!” 🙂

    Alice Mary

  9. Lee Ann

    Get your eggs here, or lose your shoes trying!

    1. Lee Ann, inspired by you, maybe this is what happens if you try to swipe eggs at that first farm without paying…these being the rare “semi-resistant” Amish 🙂

  10. They have Communists in Rhode Island?

  11. Shoes must be a clever attention getter….it got our attention!

  12. John Stoltzfus

    Take your egg and shoes and Beat It!!

  13. Tom

    Found them

    Will someone call the family of Shoeless Jo Jackson and tell them I have finally found his shoes please.

  14. Virginia Compton

    Brown eggs

    Brown eggs come from lots of varieties of chickens, Rhode Island Reds being only one of them. Some vaieties of white chickens lay brown shell eggs.
    Can’t imagine what the shoes are for, but I like Richard’s reason.

  15. Kentucky Lady 717

    LOL….you should have used the shoes on here for a contest….I didn’t even noticed them, until I started to read the comments 🙂
    As for brown eggs, I do not like them…I think their yolk is a dark yellow…and I don’t like the yolks in any eggs…..just had an egg sandwich for lunch…but the whites only…..

    1. Brittany

      Yolk Color

      Actually, the color of the egg doesn’t have anything to do with the color of the yolk. The color is determined by the chicken’s diet =] I LOVE the yolks but I’m not too fond of the whites haha

  16. Jessica M

    Our eggs won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but they’re every bit worth a good pair of shoes!

  17. Juanita Cook

    Comment on bown eggs

    You are all too funny. Thanks fo the laughs, you’ve made my day!

  18. Wm Justice

    And the difference between brown eggs and white eggs is?

    Brown ones are brown and white ones are white.
    And blue ones or blue. Here are some I bought a while back. Almost too pretty to eat but I did.

  19. How about this one Erik..........

    How about this……. For sale James Brown eggs, with plenty of soul. I thought It was kind of cute using the godfather of souls name! And Erik Id better see this one when you do your comments of the month,lol.Richard

  20. Wm Justice

    "Are" blue not "or" blue. Mea culpa.

    “Are” blue not “or” blue. Mea culpa.

  21. Matt from CT

    “Brown Eggs are Local, and Local Eggs are Fresh!”

    Of course the irony back when that jingle was all over TV and Radio in New England, the large egg farm in my town we bought eggs by the baker’s flat as they came off the belt from the coops…sold white eggs.

    I buy mostly “backyard” eggs now, usually they’re brown. But the color doesn’t really matter, any truly FRESH egg blows away the things they sell in the supermarket!

  22. Juanita Cook

    Was there any difference in the taste of the brown, white or blue. Had never seen blue eggs before.

  23. Juanita Cook

    I accidentally clink unsubscribe. Please don’t unsubscribe me. Thanks

  24. Juanita Cook

    I found the place to subscribe again. It is taken care of I hope!!!

  25. Alice Aber

    I’m a little late on this but,,,,”walk on down to the first farm and get your brown eggs there.”

    Blessings, Alice

  26. Wm Justice

    The shoes on the sign were wet and getting dried in the sun. And blue, brown and white eggs taste the same.
    My step-grandmother raised quail and peacocks. When I was a child, she and I made omelets from quail and peacock eggs and there was never any difference in taste. I would add that she kept her little step-grandson busy for about an hour cracking tiny quail eggs for his breakfast. Do you folks have any idea how small quail eggs are?

    1. Sue from Ky.

      I do know. I raised quail for awhile. We did eat a few, but mostly I used the shell,after extracting the egg inside, for crafts.

    2. They are near microscopic. I see them in the shops here, almost look like toy eggs.

  27. Tom G

    Our eggs are bootiful! We will not be undersoled!

  28. Tom G. You may take the prize with that one….

    What is the prize Erik?

    1. A dozen brown eggs? Or maybe one of the shoes?? 🙂

  29. Don Curtis

    My son Mark's chickens

    Although he was raised in the city my son Mark has picked up a lot of country ways. One of these is that he has a flock of chickens. I always forget the name of the breed of chickens so I called him and wrote it down. He has Black Austrolorps. They are totally free range chickens. He lets them out in the morning and closes the door on his chicken coop at night. The only problem form me is dodging the chicken poop on his sidewalk with my walker. These chickens lay the nicest brown eggs. The yolks are so rich they are just about orange. He let his chickens set. I really like to see a mama hen walking around followed by five or six of her chicks. One time Mark brought an egg out to me and I could hear the chick peeping inside. It was just about ready to hatch out.

    1. Matt from CT

      That little story, from the poo-dodging walker to the peeping, brough a smile to my face — thanks for sharing, Don!


    I do not like brown eggs and shoes
    I do not like them old or new
    I do not like them here or there
    I do not like them anywhere

    Would you like them on a post?

    I do not like them on a post
    I do not like them with my toast
    I do not like brown eggs and shoes
    I do not like them old or new

    1. MerryAntics

      @ Bob the Quaker (Seuss)

      LOVE it!

      wanders off with a big ole grin 😀

    2. Alice Mary

      Here! Here! You should be writing children’s books—for Amish and English kids alike! I hope we hear more parodies from you, Bob, especially the “Seuss-ical” kind! 🙂

  31. ramblinjodie

    When I was around 5 years old, I went to a neighbor farm house to play. I thought white chickens, white eggs, brown chickens, brown eggs. So why not black chickens, black eggs. In the barn there was something black in a bucket, can’t remember what it was. But I did put two chickens in it. Doesn’t work that way. Won’t even mention the many whippings I got.


  32. Juanita Cook

    I am getting this same post four times. Only need to get it once. Can you fix this for me. Don’t want to click on something and delete it completely Thanks for your help.

    1. Juanita, is it still occurring with other posts? Might have been a temporary glitch or an email issue. Let me know if it is, but I haven’t heard anything from others so I suspect it may be specific to your situation.

  33. Lin

    You could put yourself in the farmer’s shoes. Two extra “tongues” are asking, “Who will help me build my nest?”

  34. Kentucky Lady 717

    My grandmother raised black and white chickens…kinda looked like they had stripes…..I think they were called Dominics or something like this 🙂 and they layed white eggs, she also had some reddish hens…..and they also layed white eggs……

  35. Linda

    Egg-spand your egg-syclopedia

    Shoo! Shoo-oo! Egg-scuse me! Egg-zit here to egg-sperience the egg-ceptional, egg-cellent, egg-citing henhouse! If you egg-sercise your mind, and egg-samine, brown eggs are not egg-sactly egg-stra egg-spensive or egg-straordinary or egg-stravagant or egg-sotic. Free egg-samples to egg-speriment! Egg-spect them to egg-splode after egg-spiration.

    1. Alice Mary

      Linda, your comments are EGG-ceptional!


    We have such an intelligent and talented group. What other Blog could come up with so many clever explanations regarding a shoe and some brown eggs? Kudos to all……

    1. Yes Bob, I had missed some of these, I enjoyed them. Well done and thanks for many chuckles folks.