Bonnet or Kapp? (Video)

In this video I take a look at some Amish women’s hair customs, including the difference between a bonnet and a kapp, differences in prayer covering styles, and whether Amish women cut their hair. Runtime: 4:36.


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    1. David Stear


      That was an interesting video–I would be interested in seeing a video on men’s head coverings. So, women should cover their heads in church and in prayer, does this rule also apply to men, or do they take their hats off when in church and in prayer?

    2. Pat Monti

      Bonnet or Kapp?

      Good video, Erik! Lamp shade-hahaha…, but I can see it. I’ve always thought some of them resemble paper cupcake liners. I guess that means we’re both imaginative.

    3. Bernadette

      Bonnet Strings

      I noticed that the strings that I thought were to tie the kapp was hanging down the back.
      Are they meant to be tied?