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  1. In which language is the Bible Amish use?
  2. Which version of the Bible do Amish use?
  3. Are Amish allowed to read the Bible?
  4. Do the Amish use both Old and New Testament?
  5. Which Scriptures do Amish most frequently use?
  6. Do Amish use the Apocrypha?

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In which language is the Bible Amish use? Amish read the Bible in both English and German. The bilingual split Bible is common, with English text on one side and German on the facing page.

Which version of the Bible do the Amish use? The Amish use the German Martin Luther Bible for church and home Bible readings. For an English Bible, they traditionally use the King James version, though some may use other translations including the NIV (New International Version) Bible.

Are Amish allowed to read the Bible? It’s sometimes suggested that Amish are restricted from owning or reading Bibles, in effect dependent upon church ministry to impart the word of God.

It’s likely this idea originates from the value Amish place on community and their apprehension of the type of Bible study popular in other Christian churches. The concern is that an individualistic approach to Bible study may foster self-serving personal interpretations which conflict with established traditional beliefs and church values.

Contrary to this perception, many if not all Amish homes contain Bibles. Holy Scripture is used as source material for daily devotionals carried out by Amish families. Amish also discuss passages from Scripture and may own additional books to help aid in their understanding, such as concordances or Bible encyclopedias.

Amish are also apt to refer to sermons that they remember from church delivered by ministers as a point of reference in such discussion. However the willingness to discuss passages from Scripture and use of the Bible outside a church setting may vary across Amish groups.

Do the Amish read the Old and New Testament? Yes, Amish read from both Testaments, and both serve as source material for sermons at church service, though the New Testament is emphasized.

Which are the most popular sections of the Bible in Amish church? Though readings come from both the Old and New Testament, Amish worship leans heavily on the New Testament and the Gospels. As described in The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World, “Preachers make frequent allusions to Old Testament stories and psalms, but sermons are mostly based on New Testament texts” (see The Amish Way, Appendix II: Amish Lectionary, p. 205).

On the Gospels, “there is an obvious preference for texts from the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John, all of which present the teachings of Jesus. Of these Gospels, Matthew receives the highest priority” (The Amish Way, Appendix II: Amish Lectionary, p. 205).

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) also plays an important role in Amish Christianity, as Amish derive their beliefs and practices of forgiveness, nonresistance and non-violence from the Scripture. An Amish minister quoted in Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy observes: “Forgiveness is all about Matthew 5 and the Sermon on the Mount and loving our enemies” (Amish Grace, p. 88).

Do the Amish use the Apocrypha?  The Apocrypha consists of a collection of additional books used in some Christian churches and included in some editions of the Bible. The Apocrypha does occupy a place in Amish society.

For example, the Martin Luther German Bible which Amish use contains the books of the Apocrypha (Luther described them as not equal to other books of the Bible, but “useful and good to read.”)

John Hostetler also notes that the Apocrypha plays a role in Amish wedding ceremonies, “which [include] the retelling of the marriage of Tobias and Sarah in the Apocrypha” (see Hostetler, John A., Amish Roots: A Treasury of History, Wisdom, and Lore, p. 117). Furthermore, in Amish Society, he recounts an Amish wedding service that includes readings from the Book of Tobit (Hostetler, John A., Amish Society, p. 195). Additionally, the Gospel of Nicodemus is also reportedly used by Amish.

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    1. Tonia

      In the bible it does say about dressing with modesty, why do some women when they go to church they don’t follow that

      1. Frances

        Modest dress

        Tonia – I’m new to this website and I absolutely love it !

        You posted a question back in October about why women don’t dress modestly when the Bible admonishes it .

        I see that a lot in my small community here in Central Illinois . I’d love to hear your opinion on this same question . I personally feel that it is because the regard people had for the advice in the Bible has been watered down so much by religious leaders and society in general . How many times have we heard people say that “ God accepts people just the way they are.” ? Or “ God looks at my heart and not my clothes “ Granted, there are many persons who can’t afford nice clothes and perhaps a clean pair of casual clothes is all they can obtain, but being immodest is a totally different thing.

        As a woman and mom, I know that the styles offered in retail establishments cater to customers who want what’s popular or trendy and immodest clothing is generally what is available . It takes more effort to find appealing and modest clothing, but they are definitely out there.

        What gets me is that people dress up to appear before officials and professional persons – why not our Heavenly Father ? It is just as stated at 1 Tim.3:5 “ …having an appearance of godliness but proving false to it’s power. “

        Such an interesting question …
        Have a great day !

    2. Frances

      Free Bible Based Readung Material in P.A. German

      Dear Eric –
      I’ve only begun to read your website and I find it very informative and fascinating !

      My sisters live in Southern Indiana and I live in Central Illinois . We are all Bible teachers and have been looking for ways to become more familiar with our neighbors . My sisters have been learning P.A.German for about a year now and I’ve only begun to look into it .

      I found your Q&A about the beliefs of the Amish and Mennonite faiths to be very interesting . I just wanted to pass along some things that you might find interesting. We, Jehovah’s Witnesses, have been making Bible materials in P.A. German, free to the public .I realize that many Amish and Mennonite don’t read P.A.German , but various materials are available to whomever wants to down load them . Also, the King James Bible in P.A. German is available too.

      The way to access it is by visiting JW.ORG and select the language of choice . There are several small materials under the “ Publications “ tab . Also, for anyone who might want to receive a paper copy , I’d be more than willing to send something to a mailing address .

      Again, I love your website. I’m encouraged to try to learn to converse with my neighbors in their mother tongue . I’m only beginning to find out more but I look forward to many wonderful experiences . In fact, a group of my friends and I will soon be visiting a quilt show in Arthur, Il later this month .

      Thanks for all your hard work !
      Best Wishes !

    3. William C.

      Jehovah’s Witnesses are now targeting the Amish? That’s both sad and alarming.

      read 2 John 9-11.

      1. AJ

        Why wouldn’t they target the Amish? They harass everyone else!

        1. Frances

          Harassing others ?

          As stated above, if you do not want us on your property, simply place a “ No Tresspasing Sign “ on your property or something to that affect on your door .

          Obviously, you can’t answer for everyone else . Many persons enjoy our visits. We volunteer our time, energy, and finances to check on our neighbors and encourage them. We are not paid to do so, rather it is out of genuine love and concern for our community members . How many persons from other religious organizations visit persons out of the a desire to do ask Jesus asked ?

          Also, if you came to my home and wanted to encourage me from the Bible, I would have appreciation for your efforts . I would not be mean about it, rather I would respectfully give you a moment of my time , even if we didn’t belief the same things .

          The time is coming when this preaching and teaching work will be ending. According to Matthew 24:14 , it must meet it’s completion before the destruction of the wicked . Therefore, we feel a sense of urgency to warn our neighbors . Whether they want to know more or not is totally up to them . At least we have tried and are then free of bloodguilt .

          May you find peace –

      2. Frances

        Targeting the Amish ?

        In reply to your statement that we, Jehovah’s Witnesses are targeting the Amish, I’d like to ask you some important questions please .

        At Matthew 28:19, 20 – Jesus gave directions for his followers to go out to preach and teach persons from all the nations . Who do you suppose he was speaking to, only his followers back in the 1st Century ? Did his disciples and followers have the opportunity to preach to all the nations during their life time ? How extensive was this disciple making work suppose to be ? Should not everyone be given a chance to receive encouragement from the Bible, regardless of their background? Didn’t Jesus himself and his disciples speak to persons who were not Jewish ?

        My point is this – there is nothing wrong with having an interest in our communities and sharing something positive from the Bible . Would you rather we be like the majority of persons and spread hatred and prejudice ? If you don’t want us to come to your door, just simply say so or post a “no trespassing sign “ on your property .

        I’m sorry you don’t like us – but I love persons enough to even be ridiculed by others because they don’t agree with our Bible based faith .

        I hope you have a better day .

        1. Lori Beachy-Mason

          Beachy from Kansas with a word on Jehovahs Witnesses

          I was born Amish Mennonite in Ks. My parents divorced and we had to leave the faith. I have as an adult studied with Jehovahs Witnesses a total of 12 yrs and never have i seen or heard Jesus referred to or His name spelled as anything other than JESUS. He is recognized as the propitiatory sacrifice for our sins, the Son of God, Jehovah (Ps 83:18) Witnesses study and live by scripture. They strive to act as Jesus did on earth. I compared New World Translation of Holy Scriptures and King James Version for several yrs myself. Only difference is they acknowledge God as Jehovah

          1. Denise

            Re: Beachy from Kansas with a word on Jehovahs Witnesses

            Hi Lori,

            There are major differences between the New World Translation of the Bible as well as *all* new versions and the King James Bible. The King James Bible is the pure scriptures in English. All new versions, including the NWT come from about 7-10 corrupted Greek and Hebrew manuscripts and as such are corrupt. They all run anywhere from 60,000 words+ short of a full Bible. Put on CD – about two disks short. For detailed info on this, please get a copy of New Age Bible Versions by G.A. Riplinger, available at the author’s website:

            Do JW’s believe that Jesus was ‘God manifest in the flesh’? (1 Timothy 3:16 – ‘God’ taken out in the NWT and ‘He’ put in his place – breaks the connection between Jesus being God)

            Do JW’s believe that a person who dies in their sins gets destroyed (annihilated) or goes to a lake of fire that both death and hell get thrown into? (Rev 20:14 – Hell changed to ‘Grave’ in the NWT – no Greek support)

            Do JW’s believe that Jesus is the Word, the Word is God and the Word is the Holy Ghost? (1 John 5:7 – NWT completely omits this verse)

            Do JW’s believe that Jesus is created by God, his first creation, or is he God who created all things? (John 1:3 NWT says that all things came into existence ‘through’ him rather than ‘by’ him, making him merely a vessel that God used in creation rather than being God who created all things. Again, this breaks the connection that Jesus is God)

            1. Frances Koonce

              Bible Translations

              I do not want to use this forum, which is not mine, to explore various Bible translation and their accuracy. I welcome sincere interchange with persons if they so desire via my email :

              However, here is some food for thought …which Writings did Jesus himself refer to? Obviously, there were manuscripts available in the Temple and was read publicly. Also, from were did King James translate the version he commissioned? There had to have been some versions to be translated from to arrive at the Version that now bears his name.

              Again, for earnest persons who have a heart for knowing more, please contact me.

              1. Denise

                Re: Bible Translations

                Hello Frances,

                Jesus read from manuscripts that were pure and carefully copied so they had no errors, then copies were made from those and from those went into the vernacular versions prior to the King James Bible. We have always had the pure scriptures, passed and copied hand by hand.

                The King James Bible was not translated by King James, he merely commissioned it. 54 men were chosen, 47 known and active in the work. They were divided into companies each with a section of Bible manuscripts to translate. When that company was done with it’s section, it went for review to the other companies for another review. The King James translators had over 5000 extant manuscripts of the N.T. to work from, and the pure Ben Chayyim Rabbinic Bible along with other extant Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts. They also had all the pure vernacular versions, and the corrupted manuscripts from Alexandria, Egypt to compare with.

                Further, they had a knowledge of Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic in that such many of the translators could speak those languages and know their tenses as if they were their native tongue. Their familiarity and knowledge would put today’s scholars to shame.

                If you would like to learn more about the King James translators, there was a book written in the mid 1800’s that is still in print, although hard to find. You should be able to get a copy with an internet search. It is called Translators Revived, by Alexander McClure.

                The N.W.T. of the Bible follows and is translated from the 7-10 corrupted manuscripts from Alexandria, Egypt. These were found and the two major ones reverted to the Catholic church, promoted by and for Catholic use and doctrine.

        2. Rich K.

          JW's targeting Amish (and everyone else)

          Sorry/not sorry, but Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult – the cult of Charles Taze Russell and Judge Rutherford. The “New World Translation” is a corruption of the true Word of God, warped and with deletions made to fit JW “theology”. Only 144,000 “witnesses” are going to Heaven? WRONG! The 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7:4-8 are Jewish saints – “12,000 from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel” – who will be called forth in the end times to witness for Christ. The Bible – the REAL Bible, not the corrupted one of the Russellites/Jehovah’s Witnesses – is very clear on this. And never mind their corruption of the passage in Book of John that the JW’s use to justify notions of polytheism (as in “the Word was “A” god”, rather than the true translation “The Word WAS God”)

          Charles Taze Russell was a con artist and a fraud who tried selling sub-standard grain as “miracle wheat”, and even sued a man in court who claimed that Russell was not qualified to translate the Bible – a fact that was proven in court when Russell was found to be incapable of reading the Greek letters “Alpha” and “Omega” (as in, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end” – Revelation 22:13), when the original text of the New Testament was written in GREEK. Needless to say, the lawsuit was thrown out of court. JW’s trying to lead the Amish – and anyone else – astray with their false teachings is just plain evil.

        3. Keith Stewart

          I agree!

          I don’t agree with beliefs in your documents necessarily but I don’t disagree either. I agree with your belief in Jesus and I would always welcome a relationship based on Him but not man or man’s adding to or taking away from God’s word. I don’t need a religious leader or elder to interpret scripture for me. God gave me a brain for that.

      3. Lori Beachy-Mason

        Beachy from Kansas with a word on Jehovahs Witnesses

        Hello friend! Greetings from Va. I just want to say on behalf of Jehovahs Witnesses, respectfully, these are genuine God fearing Christians who only mean to do the Will of God, whom we all know his name, Jehovah Ps i3:18. I was born Amish/Mennonite in Yoder Ks. My parents divorced in 1976 and we were shunned. In my adult life i have studied with Jehovahs Witnesses both in my home (8yrs) and later attending the Kingdom Hall (4 yrs) These Christians ABSOLUTELY believe in and use the name Jesus as the Savior and Son of God sent to die for our sins. They do not mistake nor replace Jesus for God. I can say, never in 12 years have i ever seen a JW publication referring to Jesus with the spelling ‘yaysus’. I have rather seen Jesus’ teachings in JW meetings and literatures outlining Jesus’ messages, actions, thoughts, principles, compassion, love and words p both in study and action, walkin in accordance. In fact, they share alot of common beliefs as the Amish/ Mennonite fsith. Thank you Lori Beachy-Mason

        1. Frances Koonce

          Thank You

          Dear Friend – I want to thank you for your kind words. I don’t want to cause any friction here on this site since it’s not my purpose. But if you would like to correspond privately, I’d enjoy that.

          I live in Central Illinois in a rural farming community. My family and I attend the Shelbyville, Illinois congregation in Tower Hill. I assume you know how to verify this on the JW.ORG website. Just to put you at ease, our Regional Convention is “Love Never Fails” .

          This is the link for the convention :

          Again, thank you so very much

        2. Yoder in Ohio


          Ask around for access to JW publications that have been translated into PA Dutch for distribution in Amish/ Mennonite communities and ask about the event they held at the Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek, OH. These printings do exist — we have found them tucked in our front door.

          1. Frances Koonce

            Yaysus, Jesus or other identification for God’s Son

            Dear Readers –
            The reason Jehovah’s Witnesses had previously not used Yaysus to refer to Jesus is because translating into PA German has been a huge undertaking and only recently has it been accomplished. We are a worldwide organization and endeavor to make available free Bibles and reading materials in literally hundreds of languages, mostly on our website JW.ORG. as it is more cost effective and can easily be accessed by the general public.

            Here is a simple explanation of how various languages differ in the use of “Jesus” .
            Jesus’ first-century disciples said his name quite differently from the way most Christians do today. To Jewish Christians, the name Jesus was probably pronounced Ye·shuʹa‛. And the title “Christ” was Ma·shiʹach, or “Messiah.” Greek-speaking Christians called him I·e·sousʹ Khri·stosʹ, and Latin-speaking Christians Ieʹsus Chriʹstus. Under inspiration, the Greek translation of his name was recorded in the Bible, showing that first-century Christians followed the sensible course of using the form of the name common in their language.

            It is similar in translating from English into PA German. Before our publications were translated into the PA German language, we only had available English which freely used Jesus when speaking about God’s son. However, for less than 2 years, we now have been using publications and a Bible in the PA German language so that when we have the opportunity to speak to our neighbors, they will feel more at ease when reading in their mother tongue.

            Here is another example of how language groups differ in identifying our Heavenly Father –
            Cherokee: Yihowa
            Chippewa: Jehovah
            Choctaw: Chihowa
            Dakota: Jehowa
            Mohawk: Yehovah

            You probably recognize these as Native American language groups. Each language group has different names for the same person which we, in English, common call “Jehovah”.

            Lastly, we recognize Jehovah is the personal name of our Creator. He had no beginning and is spoken of at Psalm 83:18 as being the only one who is “Most High” over all the earth, whereas, Jesus or Yaysus, is spoken of coming under the authority or headship of God at 1 Corinthians 11:3. We accept that Jesus players a significant role in Jehovah’s purpose and does deserve a measure of honor and deep respect as our means of salvation due to his ransom sacrifice. However, we do not worship him or attribute exclusive devotion to him which rightly belongs to his Father, Jehovah.

            Thank you for allowing me to explain why we used “Jesus” in place of “Yaysus” before our publications were available in PA German.

            May you be blessed in your efforts to serve God with zeal.

          2. Frances Koonce

            Bible Meetings and Assembly

            Hello and Thank You
            Yes, you are correct. We have had Bible meetings and assemblies thru out the year. I’m not sure what was held in Walnut Creek, OH. though. A list of existing and organized meetings and assemblies are found on our website at JW.ORG under the “ About Us” tab.

            I see this event coming up on Sept. 21st and here is the program scheduled.

            1630 Spring Run Rd Ext
            Coraopolis PA 15108-9675

            Much Appreciation,

      4. Lori Beachy

        Jehovahs Witnesses do not target anyone, quite the opposite.

    4. Yoder in Ohio

      They come around a lot in our area but it won’t matter what they talk, Dutch or English. We can’t agree with their beliefs and want nothing to do with them. I read my Bible in English, German, and Dutch and the Jehovah witnesses beliefs don’t match up with what I read in scripture. The 2 John quote is right on.

      1. Frances

        Disagreement ?

        With all due respect, we realize that the majority of persons will not agree with our faith .

        How many other religious faiths do you agree with ? Probably less than a handful . Frankly, even in the same faith, there are disagreements. Isn’t that evident by the various churches for Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, etc. Why is there a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – fill in the blank – Church ? So it’s not a surprise that people do not agree with our faith either. But there is a minority of persons who hunger for spiritual truth and they aren’t being satisfied in their present situation . Sometimes people don’t even know where to begin to find the answers to life’s biggest questions .

        So my question is – have you ever taken the time to ask one of Jehovah’s Witnesses what we believe or is it based on heresay ? It would be unfair to base my views of your faith on speculation . Of course, it is your freewill to object to our faith. But again, persons from various religious backgrounds or otherwise still welcome our visits. We happily visit them – even the Amish – because we love our communities enough that we will continue to carry out the command to preach and teach. ( Matt. 28:19, 20)

        I’m sure your really a nice person outside of this topic . I hope you have a better day .

        1. Yoder in Ohio

          I have indeed read up on Jehovah Witnesses and have talked with several who are still members and some who left. If they spread the TRUTH I’d feel very different. I’d encourage you to read the Standard King James scriptures and make yourself open to Bible teaching from other Christians. The more you read, the more you will discover that you are being deceived. There are so many places your JW version of the Bible differs from the true scriptures and so many false prophesies.

          But this is the end of this discussion for me. This is Amish America and the name suggests its purpose. It is for understanding and discussing the Amish not a way to spread Jehovah Witness opinions.

    5. AJ

      AMISH America

      Yoder is right.

      And I do know what the JW’s are about.

      By the way, read Acts 11:26 — … and the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

      Frances, are you a Christian or a Jehovah Witness?

    6. Denise

      Bible Doctrine questions for Frances

      Hello Frances,

      You stated “Have you ever asked one of Jehovah’s Witnesses what we believe?”

      Here are some questions for you:

      Do you believe Jesus is God?
      Who is Lucifer and what relation does he have to Jesus Christ?
      Do you believe hell is a place where “the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched?”
      What do you believe about the afterlife?
      Who are the 144,000 and how do they differ from today’s JW’s?
      Do JW’s believe the Catholic church teaches heresy and if so why does the Watchtower publish and use a Bible version translated from Roman Catholic Bible manuscripts?

      Thank you for your answers to these questions

      1. Frances

        Reply to Bible Questions

        Hello – out of respect for the other posters, I haven’t visited this site to comment until today.

        If you would like to know the answers to these questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.
        Here is my personal email :

        I will not debate anything, I don’t have the time or desire to do so. As I’ve stated before, we are wanting to share good news of something better with everyone regardless of religious background. In a world with so much heartache, people welcome something positive in their lives. We strive to offer comfort from their Bible and do not force people to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

        With Much Deep Respect,

        1. Denise

          Re: Reply to Bible Questions

          Hello Frances,

          Thank you for the e-mail, but in all due respect, you did want others to know of JW’s beliefs by asking and I think your answers would be welcome here so that people could compare them with the Bible. They could also determine if what JW’s believe relate to what Amish believe. Open answers to the questions I asked cover a lot of ground and give people a helpful view of what you believe and whether or not they want to pursue the Watchtower. 🙂

          1. Frances Koonce

            Thank You Denise

            Denise – Thank you for the warm welcome to return and answer questions concerning our faith in comparison to others. I am just trying to be very careful and considerate as this website is such a lovely avenue to learn about the Amish community as a whole and I don’t want to detract from its purpose.

            For this reason, I have offered my email to anyone who wishes to correspond – I don’t mind to send to an physical address even. We also have a free website which can be accessed :
            On the website, we have a variety of Bibles to use, including the King James in English and here is a link to the Bible in Pennsylvania Dutch …

            Please know that I’m trying to be respectful of those who originated this website as I’m not sure I have the approval from them to continue posting here. I certainly do not want to cause them annoyance.

            Again, my personal email is :
            I warmly invite anyone who wishes to know more about Jehovah’s Witnesses to contact me. I will not debate an issue or Bible subject. That is not correct for us as followers of Christ. With so much animosity in the world, why add to it?

            May you have peace Denise, and I hope to make contact with you somehow.

          2. Keith Stewart


            I have been reading the comments here about JWs. What are specific disagreements? Please use the scriptures to argue and not heresay! If you are concerned about your JW friend then teach him! But use the scriptures and facts! P. S. Not sure if I spelled heresay correctly.

    7. Yoder in Ohio

      I thought the JW’s refuse to use the name Jesus, but use “Jehovah” instead? Last week our family and other Amish families in our neighborhood got a visit from JW’s and we did not answer the door. They left a paper on our porch written in PA Dutch inviting us to a Bible event and the pamphlet uses the name Jesus all throughout but spelled as it would be pronounced in PA Dutch — Yaysus. So why if they can use the name “Jesus” to try and coax Amish people to one of their events, why do they not use it at other times?

    8. AJ

      Isn't this "Amish America"?

      Have I accidentally stumbled upon Jehovah’s Witness America? Let’s keep this site for discussing the Amish and Mennonites please!

    9. Lowry Hershey


      Thought it was interesting Amish utilize a bi-lingual Bible, English and German. The German being Martin Luther’s translation with the Apocrypha and they will reference the Apocrypha as needed. When the KJV was first published, the Apocrypha was in that text, but not often found today I presume.
      Love from nine (fourteen)!