Baby Amos heading home; benefit Saturday

Amos Hertzler is an Amish child born with a rare esophageal defect.  We’ve followed his story since it became public in 2011, mostly through news coverage and some reader reports.

The Buffalo News is reporting that Amos is returning home after 15 months in a Boston hospital:

But, Amos’ treatment for a rare esophagus problem did not work out as his family and doctors had hoped.

The Buffalo News has been chronicling his case for more than a year, and many people from the wider community have responded to his story.

Amos’ esophagus was not successfully attached in Boston, his family told The News this week.

“They weren’t able to do what they wanted to do,” said Aaron Hertzler, Amos’ father, who spoke to The News by phone from Boston, as the family prepared to bring Amos home.

“It didn’t work out quite well. It kept leaking. They had to redo it, and it leaked again.”

Aaron Hertzler said his son will come home with a feeding tube, like the one he had before he went to Boston.

Amos will also be on oxygen to breathe, at least for a while, the family said.

Amos’ family and western New York Amish community have held benefits in the past to help defray his high medical expenses, such as a benefit breakfast held at a fire company in Cattaraugus County.  Another is scheduled for tomorrow:

Now, the Amish community in Western New York will hold another benefit for Amos, from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the Otto Fire Hall.

A full Amish breakfast will be served, and donations will be accepted for Amos’ continuing care.

“People have helped us so much,” Aaron Hertzler said. “We are very thankful.”

Below is a photo showing the menu from a previous benefit for Amos, taken by reader Tom.  If you’re in the area, you might enjoy this event and have a chance to help the cause.

Amish Benefit Menu

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    1. Erin

      Thanks for sharing this, Erik. I can’t imagine having a child hospitalized for 15 months. It sounds like their community has really rallied for them. I wish this family the best.

      The breakfast sounds delicious!

      1. The article said they have something like $13-20K in medical bills left to pay off. Not bad for expenses that were over $200K total.

    2. Jeannie

      Do they have a liason person working with them to maybe help get them donations for those who may not live near the area to attend such a fundraiser but who may still wish to give a love donation?

    3. Theresa F

      Here is information on how to donate to help baby Amos.

      The Amos Hertzler fund at Cattaraugus County Bank can be reached at (800) 882-9903.

      Here is a link to the complete article from the Buffalo News as well.

      My daughters and I were privileged to help out with a benefit at our church held for Baby Amos last year. One of the members of our church was so touched by his story that she organized the event and sent the proceeds to the family. Wonderful to witness examples of God’s love in our communities. We will continue to pray for his family.

      Thanks for the update, Erik!

      1. Thanks Theresa for pulling this info up. Nice to hear you have been involved with this.

    4. Linda

      2014 Amos Hertzler benefit

      Today until 2 p.m. is the 2014 Benefit sale for little Amos Hertzler. The benefit will include a breakfast, bake sale, quilts, crafts and silent auction.