I know that a lot of folks who read and comment on this blog have contact with specific Amish communities.

I’d like to invite anyone who has had experience with a particular settlement, perhaps one near where you live, to send in material for a guest post on Amish America.


photo by Randall Persing

Photos are great, as are any comments on local conditions–what the Amish in your area do for a living, where your community originated from, what technologies are allowed, any particular ‘quirks’ you may have noticed specific to that settlement, etc.  If you’re not sure about all of these things, that’s okay, please feel free to share what you have anyway.

Of particular interest are smaller, off-the-beaten-path settlements that don’t get written about much here–but I’ll be glad to hear about your experiences with the better-known ones as well.

Please send material to my email account (see the ‘Email me’ link on the upper left hand-side of the screen) and the best ones I will post on in future.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.  And a happy and safe Easter to everyone.

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