“He looks like a Bishop!” Ben Reacts to Amish Memes

This may have been my favorite video to put together. In it, I show Ben several Amish-themed memes and get his reaction. And by reaction, I mean not only whether he finds them funny. But we also hear from Ben how plausible or true-to-life each one is.

I’m not going to put a lot of screen shots in this post so as not to spoil it. But the memes you’ll see here cover the Amish buggy, barn-raising, a peculiar tool, and one mythical character, so to speak.

Memes typically play off of widely-held beliefs and assumptions, and Amish memes are no different. So there are a lot of them out there reflecting public ideas and about the Amish and technology. That’s probably the largest category.

But you do see other concepts, like the Amish being isolated from society, or Amish-held values like modesty and moderation. The whole Amish memes topic would probably make a good research paper, or at the least, a blog post or two.

But enough about that for now, as memes are less to be analyzed and more to be enjoyed. So enjoy a few of them with Ben and I. Runtime: 5:26.

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    1. Karen Abadie


      That was hilarious! Thanks for posting.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Happy to hear it, gladly. Hope to have a part 2 at some point

    2. Betty

      Yoda, etc.

      This episode was hilarious. Ben is a very intelligent individual. I live among the Amish here and I’ve had loads of laughs with them. Thanks for this clip.

      1. Erik Wesner

        Ben is a great friend. Glad you found it funny, I still get a kick watching it, probably 50+ times now.

    3. memes

      Loved it – thanks so much for the laughs
      Maxine D
      from Down Under

      1. Erik Wesner

        Happy to hear that Maxine! My favorite underrated bit here is on bishop Yoda when Ben says “he even has a straw hat” 😀