Amish vacations

Hear the words “Amish vacation”, and we’re likely to think family trips to Amish Country, rides in over-sized buggies and picking up pies for office buddies.

But what do Amish themselves do when they get the itch to get away from it all?

In Monday’s interview, Sherry Gore discussed the unique Amish community of Pinecraft, a popular destination for vacationing Amish.

Yet not all Amish visit Pinecraft; a number, for various reasons, are not so keen on the place (as enticing as it may sound right now as we roll towards winter).

Amish of all stripes do enjoy the occasional getaway, however.  Where do Amish travel?  What do they typically do while on vacation?

Answers vary from family visits to hunting trips to Washington, DC to even the odd jaunt to Europe.

For more, check this Amish Online Encyclopedia entry on Amish vacations.

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    1. La Vonne De Bois

      Amish Vacations ~ It used to be the wealthy Amish would take extended vacations. Here in Holmes County, the 15 passenger and motorcoach companies are keeping busy with early morning pick-ups at private homes or collectivly at certain locations throughout the community for Amish traveling. I do some driving for the Amish. My travels have taken them out west. Many look forward to having an opportunity to “get their feet wet” in the Pacific Ocean, or drive along the West coast. Going up in the arch in St. Louis, garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, the Black Hills of South Dakota. Others may be interested in spending a day at a local zoo – Cabelas – the Christmas lights in West Virginia – fishing and hunting trips in Canada and for the snow birds, Sarasota Florida where many actually rent trailers and live for the winter. Entertainment is not usually in their vocabulary, but sightseeing is their delight! For the most part, Old Order Amish do not fly in planes. Another common mode of transportation is by train and railway (Amtrack)

    2. ann

      The above poster really covered it well. My Amish family loves going West- and the sites he mentioned are always popular. The Redwoods up in N CA are another place they’ve gone. Anywhere AmTrak goes is an option for a lot of Amish.

    3. Thanks LaVonne and Ann for the interesting info. I’ve found Amish drivers often have some of the best stories. Recently had that confirmed by a friend in PA!

    4. La Vonne De Bois

      “A seat to bounce on” ~ Our tours often stop at a Swartzentruber Amish family that makes baskets. Our 25 passenger bus sits like a limo and has “stuffed” upholtered seats. This summer, the children (ages 3 – 6)would look forward to stepping on the bus and see who may have had some candy waiting for them! The children sat on the seats and to my amazement, one of them got up on the seat and started jumping like a trampoline! It occured to me this family does not have ANY stuffed furniture in their house. All their furniture is hardwood. Each time “the bus” drives in their lane, the children run to the door, gather the candy and find a seat to jump on!

    5. Sherry Gore

      It doesn’t get much better than living in or visiting sunny Florida, especially Sarasota. But while living in Kentucky for several years, three families including mine, once hired a driver and took a week-long trip north. Where’d we go? Niagra Falls! It was funny to run into Mennonite friends from our community in Florida, so far from home. And that was on the Canadian side of the falls! It was the trip of a lifetime and I’d definitely do it again. And yes, a trip west to see the California Redwoods is another favorite destination for both Amish and Mennonite families.