Hear the words “Amish vacation”, and we’re likely to think family trips to Amish Country, rides in over-sized buggies and picking up pies for office buddies.

But what do Amish themselves do when they get the itch to get away from it all?

In Monday’s interview, Sherry Gore discussed the unique Amish community of Pinecraft, a popular destination for vacationing Amish.

Yet not all Amish visit Pinecraft; a number, for various reasons, are not so keen on the place (as enticing as it may sound right now as we roll towards winter).

Amish of all stripes do enjoy the occasional getaway, however.  Where do Amish travel?  What do they typically do while on vacation?

Answers vary from family visits to hunting trips to Washington, DC to even the odd jaunt to Europe.

For more, check this Amish Online Encyclopedia entry on Amish vacations.


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